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Bison – Wild Symbol of the American West

Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where Bison – commonly called American Buffalo – have lived continuously since prehistoric times. They once covered the Great Plains of North America in numbers estimated as high as 60 million, but were nearly driven… Continue Reading “Bison – Wild Symbol of the American West”

Under a Weeping Willow

I rested under a weeping willow. Its trunk was thick and twisted its leaves swayed in the breeze on supple branches upheld by stronger limbs above twisted too and content to be hidden. For A Photo a Week Challenge – Twisted. ~ Susanne

A Photo a Week Challenge: Clematis Three Ways

I planted this clematis in my garden many years ago and it’s been happily climbing ever since – up the fence, around neighboring shrubs, and over everything in its path.  It doesn’t ask for fertilizer or any special care, just a place to spread… Continue Reading “A Photo a Week Challenge: Clematis Three Ways”

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