I traded in perfection for humility

Not exactly on purpose.  It comes with age I think.

Take yesterday for instance.  My birthday and happy news about Benji making it into the iCatCare Calendar – I the proud mom and photographer.  So I did a quick celebratory post. Why not?

Then later I thought I’d share it to Facebook too. Only I hit the wrong button and reblogged it ( since deleted.)

So some of you likely got another email about the post which perhaps led you astray.  Sorry about that.

During my working days I was a perfectionist – too much so I realize looking back.

So I seem to be letting that go.  Again, not quite on purpose.

But it’s a fair exchange I think.  For a little humility.

~  Susanne

Benji made the Calendar!

Happy September 13th to me and Benji. For indeed it is my birthday. And indeed Benji made the International Cat Care Calendar for 2020 – out of 1,500 entries but then who’s counting? He’s in the corner on my lap. 😻

– Susanne and Benji

Tossing and Turning all Night

Do you ever have one of those nights when you just can’t get to sleep?

You toss and turn looking for that perfect position

trying to get comfortable but nothing seems to work …

Until … finally!

Me too.

~ Susanne and Benji

From O the Joy! to Dismal Nitch

Dismal Nitch –  could any place name be more apropos?

After a long and arduous journey across the North American continent,  Lewis and Clark were finally nearing their destination, the Pacific Ocean.  They had left St. Louis on May 14, 1804,  and on November 7, 1805 William Clark had written in his journal, ‘Ocian in view – O the Joy!’   But they weren’t there yet and on November 10th  a severe winter storm pinned them down in a cove that Clark called  “that dismal little nitch”.

On November 12th he wrote,  “It would be distressing to a feeling person to See our Situation at this time all wet and cold with our bedding also wet, in a Cove Scercely large enough to Contain us … canoes at the mercy of the waves and driftwood … robes & leather Clothes are rotten ..  our Situation became Seriously dangerous…”  

We stopped by Dismal Nitch on the north side of the Columbia River, and I pondered the name and plight of the great explorers.

So near their goal but day after day of waves and wind and rain.

Eventually the storm subsided and the Corps of Discovery moved on to Station Camp where they stayed for 10 days and explored the area.  Then after taking an historic vote – where all participated including York the slave and the woman, Sacagawea – they agreed to cross the river to set up their winter camp where game was thought to be more plentiful.  It would be called Fort Clatsop, for the Clatsop Indians who helped them there.

They still had a long and rainy winter to endure before their return trip but return they did, and continued to record their discoveries in their journals.

Is it too much to say that their journey can be a metaphor for life?  We too have seasons full of Joy! but also know the occasional Dismal Nitch.

In any case, I never get tired of revisiting their story and the places they touched in the Pacific Northwest.

~ Susanne

Dreaming of the Road to Hana

We had a crazy electrical storm with lots of rain here Saturday night and this morning is gray and overcast. So it’s time to get away to tropical Paradise. You can come along too! 🙂

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

Not Hana, but the Road to Hana, a narrow, winding, white-knuckle drive through tropical forest, over one lane bridges, with dramatic views of waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean. Yes, this is the ultimate road trip and you’ll find it on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  Perhaps I’m thinking of Maui today because I wish to escape from the monsoon rains that have finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest.  (It was inevitable.) Perhaps you also need to escape for reasons of your own and if so then this post is for you.

Now assuming you do not actually live in Maui,  you first need to get to the island.  That is NOT a road trip.  Once there however, you can hit the road like we did leaving from our hotel on Maui’s south side,  heading north toward Kahului.  According to Wikipedia,  “although Hana is only about 52 miles…

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The Cool Colors of Summer

According to the calendar it’s still summer in the Great Northwest with fall arriving on the Autumnal Equinox, September 23rd.  Meteorologists opt for September 1st which seems a bit early – I’d say it’s somewhere in between.  Either way, I thought I’d share these cool colors of summer before the yellows and reds and oranges of fall take over.

These blues and greens are from my recent trip to Soos Creek Botanical Garden.

The bees are from my garden, where they are enjoying the last of the blooming mint.

~ Susanne

Benji and the Fair

Yesterday we headed south to Puyallup for our annual visit to the Washington State Fair,  but not before this happened.

“Please Sue can I come too?”

“Sorry Benji no.  The fair is for people.”

“Really Sue?  No animals allowed at all?”

“Well, not exactly – there are lots of animals there.”

“Just no cats.”

“None?” he persisted.

“Well sometimes there are cats but they’re in cages.”

“Are you making this up?” he asked.

“No really Benji.  Some cats let little girls put them in cages for all to see.”

“I wouldn’t like that Sue.”

“I know you wouldn’t Benji. And you wouldn’t like the noise either. Or the food.”

“Or people flying around.”

“Okay, okay Sue.  I get it!  You just go ahead and I’ll stay here and hold down the fort.”

And that is what we did.

~ Susanne

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