Making Face Masks with Help From Benji

Last Sunday I made my first face mask to wear to the grocery store.  I made it quickly by hand without a pattern, and it worked okay.

Since then we’ve all been encouraged to wear them in public so I decided to make a few more, for me, my mom, and Bob. This time I would be more thoughtful about it, add an additional layer of fabric, and use the sewing machine.  By the time I was working on mom’s I was starting to get the hang of it.

Then Benji showed up to help.

Don’t let that innocent look fool you.  The boy’s a wild man.

So I tried to distract him with some thread

which worked for a while –

until it went the way of all small objects and ended up under the stove.

Still it gave me time to finish up mom’s face mask – the best one so far.  Three layers of fabric instead of two.  A few tucks and gathers for better coverage and fit.

By the way – I’ve been meaning to ask – does this face mask make me look fat?

Just kidding. Don’t answer that.  🙂

~ Susanne and Benji

Say Hello to the Handsome Tiger

As you may know if you follow this blog I have two kitties – Tiger and Benji.

Tiger was here first and thus has seniority –

but Benji gets the most press.

So my apologies to you Tiger if you’ve had to take a backseat –

you’re still the most handsome – don’t tell Benji I said so.

~ Susanne and Tiger and Benji

Venus and the Pleiades

This week Venus is putting on quite a show so I set up my tripod and got this photo from the front yard.   Honestly I didn’t see the star cluster Pleiades with my naked eye but my camera did.

During these trying times it’s good to look up!

Psalms 19:1   “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.”

~ Susanne

Let’s Go Visit the Tulip Fields!

There’ll be no Tulip Festival this year and you already know why!  But that doesn’t prevent us from traveling back in time to last year’s festival in Washington’s Skagit Valley, where fortunately I took enough pictures at Roozengaarde to have plenty more to share with you!

The fertile Skagit Valley – roughly sixty miles north of Seattle – is home to the largest commercial flower bulb industry outside of Holland.  In March the daffodils are on display while in April the tulips dazzle.

The North Cascade Mountains provide the perfect backdrop to the mass of color in the fields;

while the display gardens mix and match varieties and colors into wonderful works of art.

For more information on the Tulip Festival that wasn’t and to drop by on your device, click here!

Until next year!

~ Susanne

Life During a Pandemic – A River Walk and Facetime with Mom

Yesterday we walked along the Cedar River Trail.

There were a handful of others with the same idea and we all kept our distance,

even the ducks.

The willow trees were beautiful and weeping once more

The cherry trees (or plum – I can’t tell them apart) were fragrant in bloom,

but the flowering current had the best shades of pink.

It was all wonderful, but there was more to come.

For after our walk we stopped by my mom’s apartment, where she has been in lockdown the last three weeks, with limited opportunity to even leave her room.

Through it all she has remained cheerful and upbeat – at 90 she has seen it all.

That’s my beautiful mom.

~ Susanne

Dreaming of a Road Trip

I hope there’s a road trip in my future this spring.

I don’t know what the rules will be.

We’d take our little trailer

on lonely highways through wide open spaces

with sunsets like this

and practice social distancing.

~ Susanne

2019 ‘Cat-Human Relationships’ photography competition winner – Susanne Swanson from the US

Oh hey! Benji and I are featured on Katzenworld today as they showcase winners of the International Cat Care competition.  We are the month of May in the calendar.    Check it out!!  🙂

Source: 2019 ‘Cat-Human Relationships’ photography competition winner – Susanne Swanson from the US

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