Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted Tendrils

I just returned from a few days in Long Beach on the Washington Coast (look for posts to come on that) and while I was there visited nearby Cape Disappointment. As I walked through dense coastal forest I noticed flourishing native shrubs tightly packed together alongside the paths. In particular I noticed a wild vine wrapping itself with its tendrils around anything growing nearby.

I found the tendrils to be quite charming and appropriate for this week’s photo challenge: Twisted.


By the way, in case you hadn’t heard, there will be no more Weekly Photo Challenges on the Daily Post site after the end of May. Too bad. I found the Photo Prompts to be fun and helpful and I will miss them.

~ Susanne

Happy Garden Cats

The boys are happy in green.

And with each other.

They’re happy garden cats.

~ Susanne, Tiger and Benji

Wowed by Clouds

I went looking for the sunset last night but was wowed by the clouds instead.

These were thick and buoyant like mysterious creatures under the sea.

They lit up with a filter applied.

This  giant was delicate with hints of pink.

But became wild and wonderful enhanced with a filter.

Here whipped clouds filled the sky

made more dramatic below.

Looking at the world – and the clouds – through rose colored glasses.  Why not?

~  Susanne

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sol Duc

For this week’s photo challenge,  I couldn’t help but think of some of the wonderful rivers in Washington:  Snoqualmie,  Skykomish,  Skagit,  Snohomish.  Beautiful rivers with equally beautiful native names.  But I finally settled on the Sol Duc which means ‘sparkling waters’ in Quillayute.   The Sol Duc River flows through Olympic National Park and along its course plunges over Sol Duc Falls.  The easy trail to the falls through lush rainforest has the best reward of any hike I know.

And so for this week’s photo challenge I give you the Sol Duc River and Falls.


~ Susanne

Sunrise in the Garden

I woke early one morning and wandered in my garden just before sunrise.

I found the clematis climbing the evergreen shrubs nearby, its pale pink blossoms made lovelier by the contrast.  Smart plant that clematis.

I stopped to admire the garden art, lit from behind by the rising sun, and appreciated once again my husband’s creativity.

I turned on the stream with the flip of a switch and let the water flow, another sign of his handiwork.

At the designated time known only to him, Benji emerged from his hiding place to join me while I rested.

A wonderful time in the garden.

~ Susanne and Benji

Scenes from Lake Wilderness

Don’t you wish you could walk down this road?

Or rest by this lake?

Or dream by this stream?

We did.  At Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley.

It was oh so green and peaceful.

~ Susanne

Washington My Home

My ‘place in the world’ undoubtedly starts with Seattle where I was born and raised when it was just a sleepy Boeing town. Now exploding with technology and traffic, it’s increasingly crowded and expensive to live in. No matter. What I like the most is not the city but the surrounding natural environment. And so I decided to zoom out and go with Western Washington for this week’s photo challenge, starting with Mt.Rainier, its most iconic symbol.

Mt Rainier

On a good day the mountain can be seen as a beautiful backdrop peering over and enhancing whatever lies in front.

And you can always drive the distance for a more close-up view of the mountain.

Can’t see the Forest for the Trees!

Trees, trees, trees, in our neighborhoods, forests, and parks. Can you see why Washington is called the Evergreen State?

Abundant Water

And I don’t mean rainfall, though we get our fair share of that too. Let’s start with the Pacific Ocean which forms the western border of our state. Did you know the northwest corner of Washington has some of the most rugged coastline in the country?

Of course there’s Puget Sound which is much more accessible. Just hop a ferry boat and see for yourself; we have the largest fleet of ferries in the country.

And how about more water moving in another direction at Snoqualmie Falls?

I could go on but I think that’s enough of ‘my place in the world.’  So now I leave you with a lovely rhododendron, the state flower of Washington, easily taken for granted since it flourishes everywhere.

Like everything else here I guess.

Place in the World

~ Susanne

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