Cat Tales from the Office

I’m in my office drinking my morning coffee when I hear a meow at the door.

“Someone wants to see you,” Bob says as he enters with my refill and lets Benji in who immediately finds my lap. Sweet boys both.

Tiger follows and pulls up alongside the chair asking for his share of the love.  I oblige with pets and scratches.

They both linger as we ponder our day.

When I’m finally ready to work they provide moral support and much-needed inspiration.

It all helps.

~ Susanne and Benji and Tiger

One More Sunset

I was sitting in my office tonight typing away on my computer when I looked out my window and saw this happening. I knew it was something special so I ran outside to enjoy the show.

I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

~ Susanne

Sunset Rainbow Colors

Perhaps I just wanted an excuse to post these sunset pictures from a few days ago.  In any case I think if you look closely you will find  Yellow-Orange-Blue-Pink and variations thereof.  And so for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Rainbow Colors,  how about these?

~  Susanne

A Few Days in Juneuary

While other parts of the country are being hammered by winter storms, here in the Pacific Northwest we are enjoying a few more days of Juneuary.  While not appreciated when experienced as a cold and rainy June, Juneuary is quite wonderful when it brings clear skies and balmy temperatures in the middle of winter.

What better time to get out and walk?

At Coulon Park all was blue

and a turtle came out to bask in the sun.

At Lincoln Park the skies were bluer still,  making a nice backdrop to the madrone tree,

and bringing the promise of an early spring.

Promise maybe, but we’ve been fooled before.  It was only last year when we woke to this on February 22nd – and doesn’t March come in like a lion?

Still, it’s all good in the Great Northwest. How’s winter treating you where you are?

~ Susanne

A Good Day in the January Garden

One day earlier this month, when the sun was shining and temperatures were approaching sixty degrees,  I went outside and found Benji hard at work.

“Whatcha doing there Benji?”

“Getting ready for planting,” he replied. “Looks like spring is here.”

“Thanks Benji,” I said, “But you’ve been fooled by the weather.  Spring’s a long way out yet.  But I could really use your help over here.  We’ve got a mole problem again.”

“Okay Sue! I’m on it,” he replied.

And he was.

~ Susanne and Benji

Cannon Beach in Black and White

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week I decided to revisit Cannon Beach in black and white.

~ Susanne

Lunar Eclipse 2019

I have always enjoyed watching the night sky and relish the opportunity to see an eclipse.  I wasn’t sure the weather would cooperate but the sky was mostly clear so I went outside to watch the event. I was joined by two cats who wondered why I was out there alone in the dark,  and after freezing for more than an hour and fiddling around with my camera settings, this was the best I could do.

Starting around 7:30 pm, a full bright moon peaked through the trees,

and as it rose higher in the sky, was increasingly whittled away by earth’s shadow

until it finally turned a lovely orange.

That is all.

~ Susanne

Benji and the High Life

I looked out my office window and this is what I saw.

“Benji!” I yelled.  “What are you doing up there?  Have you forgotten already?”

“What’s that Sue?”

“Have you forgotten how I had to rescue you from the top of the dryer just last week?”

“You didn’t have to rescue me then,” he replied,  “and you certainly don’t have to rescue me now.  I’m quite capable of getting down by myself.”

“Well it’s a good thing Benji because Bob isn’t home and there’s no way I can reach that high!!”

“You don’t have to get so worked up about it, Sue.  I can get down – just watch me.”

And with that he walked across the top of the R Pod and down the rounded front dropping to the spare tire below.

“Fine, Benji, you got down. But please don’t go up there again or you may lose your outside privileges.”

“Sure Sue. Sorry about that. Whatever you say.”

“That’s better Benji. Now what are you looking at?”

“Oh nothing Sue.  Just doing a little planning for later.”

“Okay Benji, time to come in.”

~  Susanne and Benji

A Stop by Bisbee in Blue and Yellow

On one of our trips to Tucson, Arizona we drove south to the old mining town of Bisbee just past Tombstone near the border with Mexico.  Founded in 1880 and known as the ‘Queen of the Copper Camps,’  Bisbee was once a thriving town driven by a booming mining industry of copper, silver, and gold.  But after nearly a century of mining the mineral reserves were depleted and when mining operations closed, the city of Bisbee fell into decline.  Fortunately efforts were taken to preserve the historic downtown and artists moved into the area making it a fun place to visit  (though it’s off the beaten path, I grant you.)

I say all this to show you the photos I took on the outskirts of town as I thought they would do nicely for Cees Fun Foto Challenge,  Blue and Yellow.

~ Susanne

Getting Comfortable in the New Chair

No, not me.

Happy Monday from Benji.

~ Susanne

Hummingbirds in the Garden

After weeks of rain we finally woke to clear skies and sunshine and I headed out back to catch the sunrise in the garden.

While thus loitering in my bathrobe a male Anna’s Hummingbird showed up ready for breakfast quite unafraid. Excited, I snapped his picture using the Automatic Exposure mode on my fancy (to me) camera.

Now it so happens I’m taking a photography class and should be practicing the Manual Exposure mode. And it also happens that the instructor recently showed us pictures he’d taken of hummingbirds, along with the manual settings he’d used.  I knew the hummers would be there a while so I ran inside to refer to my notes – there’s no time like the present to practice.

A whiz. A blur. A flash of color. Swoop. Hover. Drink. Soar. Return.

It was satisfying.

Not that I won’t use automatic mode again. Learning can be slow and it’s always easier to stay with what’s fast and familiar. But I do want to understand how it works and what my choices are, and when I might want to do something differently; so that setting aperture, shutter speed and ISO become second nature.  The class is helping with that.

In the meantime what could be better than practicing on hummingbirds in your garden?

~ Susanne

Other Blogs: Part Two

Thanks Pete for including me in your list! I enjoy your blog and appreciate the support you provide to other bloggers!


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