The Last Tree

After the razing of the 22 acres formerly known as the Tiffany Park Woods, it was time to take out the last tree near our home.  No hard feelings.  In fact,  I’m over it.  For the last several months I’ve actually enjoyed following the progress of the new development.  (Of course I have no choice; the construction is in my backyard.)  Most of the trees were gone months ago, but they waited until now to take out the old cottonwood behind us, probably because the overhang onto our property required special handling.

It was the one tree we were happy to see go.  It didn’t seem healthy and its old branches had woven into one of our Douglas Firs.  It was also a messy tree that dropped leaves and debris year round.   Even worse than the leaves, it dropped sticky pods everywhere that the poor cats brought in on their fur.

You can see the old tree next to our evergreens.

We’d been waiting for it to be removed and were happy when we found out it was finally coming down. We watched as they secured cables and pulleys to the tree and the brave logger climbed up high into its branches. He looks like a large woodpecker in the picture below.

We stood a good distance away and watched as he cut away the most invasive limbs,  including the very limb he was sitting on!

I uttered a prayer for his safety (and ours) but still wondered if I could outrun the tree if it landed opposite to where they planned.   After enough limbs were removed a rope was tied to a large tractor nearby and pulled taut.  ‘X’ marked the spot for the sawing to begin.

The deepest cut occurred on the right side where the fall should occur.  Less cutting followed on the opposite side, and then the shouting began to move that tractor!  A few seconds later we heard the sharp crack of the tree and then the thunderous boom as the earth shook when it hit the ground. The end came quickly and I struggled to capture the actual fall, having forgotten my camera settings were zoomed in and close-up.

See what I mean?  What can I say, I’m still learning!

While lamenting my poor picture of the climax, the Project Manager standing nearby was kind enough to share some great shots he got with his phone.

And this was how it looked outside our fence after the fall.  A perfect landing!

So, that’s that,.  No more floating cotton, messy leaves nor picking out the sticky pods from our cats’ fur. The project continues with more infrastructure and road work the next couple months.  Then the building of houses begins, after which we eagerly await the replanting of trees (five for everyone one removed we hear) and a new cedar fence besides (so we hope and as rumor has it.)

~  Susanne

Photo shoot with the Handsome Tiger

“What’s the matter Tiger?  You look a little down.”

“Oh I don’t know Sue. Feeling a little blue,” he said.

“Yeah, some days are like that Tiger.  But anyway, you still look good!   In fact, I know what’ll cheer you up!  Let’s do a photo shoot!”

“I don’t know Sue,” he said. “I don’t feel very handsome today.”

“Oh but you are Tiger!  Trust me.  Come on, show me that strong right profile of yours.”

“You mean like this?”  he said.

“Yes Tiger, that’s it!  What a handsome boy you are!  Such poise!  Such dignity!”

“Aw thanks Sue.  How about this for my left side?”

“Perfect Tiger!  Love the paw too!”

“Thanks Sue,” he said.  “I threw that in for you. And you know what?  You’re right!  I feel much  better now.”

“I’m so glad, Tiger!  Sometimes we just need someone to root for us.”

~  from the studio of Susanne and Tiger

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Here we are in the dead of Seattle winter, and still I find new growth in the old growth forest of Schmitz Park.

This 200 ft. Douglas Fir supports a fallen Cedar resting on it.

And new growth abounds on shrubs nearer the ground.



Awake but not quite ready to report.

Pondering our options for the day.

~ Susanne and Benji

Super Moon 2018

The first day of 2018 brought us a Super Moon, when the moon is full and also closest to the earth.  I couldn’t resist standing outside in the cold last night trying to capture its beauty.  Here are some of those attempts.

You never know how unsteady is your hand until you try to photograph the moon without a tripod.  I hope to purchase one soon.

Still, I hope you enjoy!  🙂

~  Susanne

Great American Road Trip – the long way home

For those of you who missed it the first time, here’s the conclusion to our Great American Road Trip, from Virginia to New York, through Chicago, across the heartland and home again to Seattle. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

So this is it.  Come along for the final installment of a four part series on our Great American Road Trip.

After 21 days on the road we were just past the half way point of our epic journey across the USA which started in Seattle, took us through the heartland and up the Blue Ridge Parkway into Virginia, Pennsylvania, and  New York  and back home again. We were now in Virginia, birth place of these United States of America and home to many historic sites including Jefferson’s classic home Monticello.

And Colonial Williamsburg, the restored capital of colonial Virginia where men and women of the American revolution lived.

After leaving Virginia we headed north into Pennsylvania’s gentle and fertile farm country where we stopped at the York Harley Davidson factory and shopped in the Amish town of Bird in Hand while looking out for horse and buggy.  (Yes, we…

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Great American Road Trip – Kentucky and the Blue Ridge Parkway

Here’s the third installment of our Great American Road Trip, this section through Kentucky and North Carolina along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.  

Come along for the ride by clicking the link below.

Final installment still to come!

Hope you enjoy. 🙂


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