Rise/Set – Weekly Photo Challenge

What could be better for this week’s photo challenge than Sunrise and Sunset? It’s impossible to pick just one picture so I will give you a few of my favorites from recent travels.

First, Sunrise!

I’m not much of a morning person so I don’t often get many of these.  But a couple of years ago we were on the island of Kauai (my first and only time) when a hurricane was forecasted to land early the next morning.  Needless to say I slept light and arose early enough the next day to catch this wonderful sunrise. Fortunately the hurricane failed to materialize.

This next picture was taken in Florence over the Siuslaw River on a trip to the Oregon Coast last year.  According to my husband,  the early riser, it started out in shades of brilliant red. Still,  I was happy to catch the unfolding golden colors over the river.


No early rising necessary, so I have quite a few more pictures of the sun setting  in my collection, which makes it very hard to choose just two.  But here you go. The first is from Lincoln City during the same trip to the Oregon Coast last year.  You can’t lose with a sunset over the ocean.

But they’re pretty spectacular at the Grand Canyon too, where I took this photo last fall.


That is all.

~ Susanne

Columbia River and Ginkgo Petrified Forest

Starting from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, the Columbia River winds through my home state of Washington before flowing into the Pacific Ocean. I like to sing Woody Guthrie’s song whenever I cross the River.

“Green Douglas firs where the waters cut through
Down her wild mountains and canyons she flew
Canadian Northwest to the oceans so blue
Roll on Columbia, roll on!”

Last weekend before we crossed the River at Vantage, we stopped first at Ginkgo Petrified Forest, where the stony trees seemed to glow under gray skies.

According to Wikipedia, “Around 15.5 million years ago, the region was lush and wet, home to many plant species now extinct. A number of these trees were buried in volcanic ash, and the organic matter in the tree trunks was gradually replaced by minerals in the groundwater; the resulting petrified wood was protected for millennia by flows of basalt.  Near the end of the last ice age, the catastrophic Missoula Floods eroded the basalt, exposing some of the petrified wood.”

The visitors center was closed and so after a short walk we headed to the other side,  stopping to take in the vast size and beauty of the mighty Columbia, flowing silently under dark and heavy clouds.

The view of the River was amazing as was the view of these wild horses above (officially called ‘Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies.’)

It was well worth the stop on both sides.

~ Susanne

The Kitties and the Catnip

I used to have a nice patch of catmint growing next to the fence, a bit ratty looking at times but loved by both kitties. One day, after a zealous weeding frenzy, my husband asked me to come out and take a look at his work. ‘Oh!’ I had replied – ‘I hope you didn’t take out the catmint!’ – which of course he had. So…. off to the store I went to get some more but instead of finding the prettier catmint I found the better known catnip and brought it home with other herbs and flowers. I left them together in the box on the deck until they should be planted.

Benji was the first to discover the catnip. ‘What’s this?’ he thought to himself.

I removed the catnip from the box so he could get a better look. And a taste. Until a state of euphoria set in.

The catmint never did that to him so I deduced that catnip was indeed more potent. I removed a few of the leaves for him to enjoy before bringing the plant into the house so as to save it. Enter the Tiger who started sniffing around the kitchen looking for the goods. ‘I know it’s here somewhere,’ he said to himself.

Fair is fair, I thought, and so I removed a couple of leaves for him and off he went, to wherever cats go under the influence.

Good stuff that catnip.

Can’t wait to get it in the ground.

~ Susanne

Favorite Place: Lake Crescent

For this week’s photo challenge I take you to one of my favorite places: Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula in my home state of Washington.


It exudes beauty, calm and peace. I wish I were there right now.  How about you?

Favorite Place

~ Susanne

From Winter to Spring

Yesterday’s trees looked ragged and black against the cloud filled sky.

Today’s sky was bluer and clouds were fewer to let us know spring has arrived.

~  Susanne

Happy Birthday Tiger!

“Happy Birthday Tiger!”

“Really Sue?  It’s my birthday? How old am I?!”

“You’re ten years old Tiger!  In fact you and I are almost the same age in cat years!  But you haven’t changed a bit!   I found a picture of you when you were a kitten –  you still have those gorgeous green eyes!”

“Aw thanks Sue. You haven’t changed a bit either!  Though I can’t say for certain since I didn’t know you back then. How old are you anyway in human years?”

“Sorry Tiger.  Females  never tell their real age, especially the human species.”

“I understand, Sue. I’m sensitive too.”

“I thought you would.  Happy Birthday Tiger!”

~  Susanne and Tiger

March Skies in Color

It’s the last week of winter and the sky put on quite a show for us here in the Pacific Northwest. Earlier this week I caught this sunrise.

Last night I enjoyed a different color palette with this sunset.

Both were wonderful.

~ Susanne

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