From the Fall Garden

We’re back on standard time in the Great Northwest. Days are growing shorter and fall is winding down and it won’t be long till winter is upon us. But it’s not over yet and here in my backyard I’m still surrounded by green.

A few flowers are blooming – these from a groundcover with the unfortunate name of deadnettle.

Hydrangeas – though a bit ragged – also provide color and interest.

Benji and Tiger are out enjoying the sunny days while they can – as am I.

And that’s all for today from the fall garden.

~ Susanne

I Saw the Blue Moon Rising

Okay so it wasn’t blue but that’s what they call it; the second full moon in a calendar month and all the more rare on Halloween. We had clear skies and no trick or treaters so I pulled out my camera to practice my moon shots – it’s been a while. The trees did their best to hold it down but the moon finally broke free.

And this is what a Blue Moon should look like, don’t you think?

That’s all for now. ~ Susanne

Some Things are Spooky After Dark


For Six Word Saturday October 31

~ Susanne

Have you Ever Seen A Strawberry Tree?

On my walk at Lincoln Park this week I stopped to admire this giant shrub – or is it a tree? – and its brightly colored berries!

No they’re not really strawberries – apparently so bland that even the birds ignore them – its botanical name is Arbutus Unedo, native to the Mediterranean. But what it lacks in taste it makes up for in beauty!

Kind of a tree for Squares and Berries for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

~ Susanne

A Whale Sighting and Talking Crow at Seattle’s Lincoln Park

Anytime you visit Lincoln Park is a special time and so it was yesterday. We went to the park so Bob could practice fishing for sea run cutthroat. I went along to walk the beachfront and take pictures.

I’d just left him fishing when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

When I turned I saw a large whale tail slap the water – a gray whale had breached! I’d come hoping to finally see a whale and this was my lucky day! Not so lucky that I had time to take a picture but lucky to have seen it at all!

Afterwards I sat and watched with camera poised hoping for another breach but that would be it for the day. So I headed over to the paved pathway for a walk.

It wasn’t long before I knew I was being followed.

By crows – cawing and making a ruckus. They were trying to tell me something, a case of mistaken identity I assumed. I’d done nothing to bother them so I kept walking. They were not deterred and continued to follow, flying ahead and landing in front of me. I stopped.

“I don’t have anything to eat,” I said to the one approaching. “You must have me confused with someone else.”

Still they came, cawing, swooping, landing in front or on nearby trees. I like crows but I have to admit it was a little weird. There were a few other folks on the path and none of them were being accosted by crows.

“Really,” I said. “I don’t have anything. No food. No nothing. So go on!”

I didn’t wave my arms or clap my hands or make a commotion. But I was puzzled by their behavior and did want them to leave me alone.

Eventually I headed over to the beach to continue my walk in peace. The air was fresh and salty, the sky was silver gray, and all manner of colors and shapes were on display.

After a while I began to notice a few crows hunting in the seaweed.

I tried to ignore them and hoped they would reciprocate.

Most did, but one headed my way.

“How weird is that?” I stopped to talk to to a women seated on a bench.

“The crows seem to be following me today – and I like crows – I really do – but I don’t know why.”

She had just moved here from Southern California and it was her first time at Lincoln Park. I welcomed her to Seattle and told her of the bald eagles overhead and the whale I’d seen earlier.

And while we talked the crow stood nearby.

“He’s really watching you,” she said. “Do you come here often? It seems like he wants food.”

Actually I didn’t come often – maybe every few months since I live south. But then I remembered an incident earlier this year. We’d come to walk in the park and I’d brought peanuts along for a snack. The squirrels wanted some so we gave out a few and soon the crows arrived and wanted their share too. (Pictures below are from that story. )

Could it be the crows remembered me from our visit months ago?

(“There she is! The lady with the peanuts!”)

I really think so! I have no other explanation for their behavior towards me.

So we’ll be back again. For more fishing. And walking. And hopefully whale sightings.

And perhaps also with peanuts.

~ Susanne

Fall in the Rear View Mirror

It’s kind of early for winter but cold has descended on the Pacific Northwest bringing freezing temperatures overnight.

Benji wonders when it’s going to warm up but I have to tell him, “Sorry,”

“Fall is in the rear view mirror.”

Two kinda orange squares – for Becky’s Squares.

~ Susanne

Golden Hour Over San Francisco Bay

We cruised into San Francisco stealthily,

passing by the Rock in darkness

where inmates sleep in tourists’ dreams.

The sky was red and gold

till sunrise – the spell was broken.

A reminiscence – for Six Word Saturday.

~ Susanne

Hummingbirds Up Close

It’s been cold and damp here in the Northwest so it’s been a while since I’ve been outside watching the hummingbirds. I keep the feeders full of course and see them through the window but I haven’t gone out and waited for them with camera in hand. Yesterday I did.

They rewarded me by coming down to drink again and again, even coming two at a time which is unusual. I expect there’ll be more of that as the weather continues to change into the long dark days of winter and other food sources dry up.

The rain has returned today so there’ll be no watching outside – yesterday will have to do.

~ Susanne

Shared with Sunday Stills, Birding.

A Riot of Color in Orange and Green

It comes on slowly – then all in a hurry – this was the view at Coulon Park the end of September.

Last week was a swirl of orange and green – like sherbet I thought – and photographers were out to see it.

Was this the peak I wondered?

But no. I returned yesterday and found that orange had prevailed.

And Coulon was a riot of color.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Orange and Green.

~ Susanne

My Happy Place is in the Woods – All Kinds of Woods

I’ve always loved the woods – all kinds of woods – from the dense forests of the national parks –

to smaller local woods where tiny bursts of light and color compete with green.

The woods have been my happy place, a refuge from the storm during a strange pandemic year – a place of solace, calm and beauty.

Inspired by Sunday Stills, Happy Place and Kinda Square.

~ Susanne

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