Day 10 is for the Birds!

WordPress notified me yesterday that I was on a 9 day blogging streak.  I don’t normally pay much attention to their notices but since this was my longest string to date I thought I’d make it a perfect 10 with a post for the birds.

These beautiful nuthatches live in my yard in the evergreen trees.  I love to watch them walk up and down the trees hunting for insects.

They often come down for a drink and a bath in the stream or one of the birdbaths.  This one found a suitable place to drink on the picnic table where water had pooled after I’d been spraying with the hose.  Those are my dahlias in the background looking rather artsy in the sunshine.

This little wren made an appearance near the stream one day.  They’re so fast I don’t usually get a picture of them.  They live in the nearby shrubs.

Finally, I’ll close with a couple of crows.  I saw them one night when I went down the street to take a picture of the sunset.  They were still there as I was coming back and I liked their silhouette.

And that will officially end this 10 day blogging streak.

See you next week! 🙂

~ Susanne

Berry Picking with Mom

Good name for a poem –  if only I had the eloquence. Regardless, today I had the privilege of going berry picking with my mom. Privilege I say because she’s 89 years old and not everyone is so lucky.

Actually it was her idea. Or at least she reminded me that the blackberries were ripening and we should get them before the sun scorched them dry. And she remembered they were plentiful not far from my house.

So we went and found them in abundance on both sides of the road – a quiet road with no traffic along a right-of-way.

They were beautiful. In varying stages of readiness but many plump and juicy, ripe for picking.

“Look mom,” I said pointing to our bowls mostly full. “We picked the same amount.”

“I have more,” she said with a twinkle in her eye – because that’s my mom.

I took her back home and before she made it to her apartment she’d given some berries away. To the person at the front desk. To the person on the elevator.

Because again – that’s my mom.

The berries are still ripening so we’ll go back for more.

In the meantime we’ll be eating berries. Freezing berries. And making blackberry cobbler.

Lucky for both of us.

~ Susanne

Another Tale of Tiger and Benji

This morning I went outside to have my coffee by the stream and some quiet time alone.

It wasn’t long before Tiger emerged from hiding and approached me where I sat.

Although he’s not a lap cat,  I knew he wanted to jump up but didn’t have the nerve.  There were risks involved known only to him – perhaps baggage from long ago.

I spoke encouraging words and hoped he would overcome whatever held him back.  He’s a sweet old boy, timid and slow to change..

While he thus pondered, the youngster showed up with no such reserve and the message was clear – “Out of my way old timer!!”

Tiger missed his chance and he knew it and headed to the woodpile – there will be other times.

‘Oh Benji,’ I sighed, ‘did you have to run him off?’

But there was no response just contentment.

Benji has baggage too.  Of surviving the streets and a crazy cat house.  Feisty, yes, but also sweet as can be.

Rescue cats –  they’re different as night and day these two. And I love them both.

~ Susanne

Pink Sunset

After looking for Pink yesterday I realized how hard it is to find – at least at my house.  Even in my garden – except for the dahlias – pink was in short supply.  I guess I could have waited for last night’s sunset – it’s as if someone heard me lamenting the lack of pink in my life and said, ‘o yeah? you want pink? I’ll show you pink.’

So there you have it – last night’s Pink Sunset.

~ Susanne

In the Pink

Who thought it would be that hard to find Pink?  Not me.  But I looked high and low and found pink to be in very short supply indeed.

Except for the obvious – my Dahlias currently in bloom.

After that there was no pink to be had anywhere on the premises.

So I went rummaging through my archives and found these lovely hula dancers in Maui.

Any excuse to post a picture from Hawaii.  🙂

For Travel with Intent’s, One Word Sunday Photo challenge, Pink.

~ Susanne

Cedar River Walk and Surprise! – It’s the Blue Angels!

My walk on the Cedar River Trail today yielded more than steps on my Fitbit.  For it’s Seafair Weekend and the Blue Angels took to the sky just after I made it to the southern shores of Lake Washington.  I wish I could say it was perfect planning on my part – but no – I stumbled upon the occasion and enjoyed it along with the rest.

It was perfect weather – sunshine – blue skies – and a little breeze to cut the heat – so I took a seat and waited for the show to begin.

A festive atmosphere prevailed among those of us gathered on the dock. Pleasant chattering, oohs and ahhhs, listening for the roar of the jets which was out of synch with the visuals.

Lots of birds gathered too and they occasionally took to the sky and got into the picture.

Next up are the Hydroplane Races,  part of Seattle’s Seafair history and tradition – part of my husband’s history too.  You many remember his story if you’ve followed my blog for a while; if not, feel free to look back at an earlier time – It Happened at Seafair.

~ Susanne

CFFC – Animals

I love animals and am always thrilled to see them in the wild.

I saw this herd of Roosevelt Elk at Dosewallips State Park on the Olympic Peninsula.

I watched from a safe distance while they were feeding and this handsome boy reminded me it was the right course of action.

I enjoyed these traffic-stopping Bison (more commonly known as Buffalo) at Yellowstone National Park.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that because they are abundant in the park they are tame.  They are not.  They let us visit them in their habitat and it is wise – even imperative – to always give them the right-of-way.

I saw these fearless, nimble-footed Desert Bighorn Sheep inside the South Rim of the Grand Canyon where they were completely at home.

Last but not least, I was happy to see this Grizzly Bear at Glacier National Park.

Happier still to see him from the safety of our truck.

I’m thankful there are still places these beautiful animals are allowed to live wild – mostly in preserves and national parks which demand protection.

Shared for this week’s CFFC photo challenge, ‘Animals.’

~ Susanne

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