FOTD – Azaleas Heralding Spring!

I thought we could use some early spring cheer and I found it in my backyard where the azaleas are starting to bloom.

For Cee’s  Flower of the Day Photo Challenge

~ Susanne

The Cats Call Me Sue

My name is Susanne but I never heard it growing up, except on the first day of school when the teacher did roll call. “It’s Susie,’ I replied and so it was until I began working at Prudential Mutual Savings Bank in downtown Seattle.

One day I answered the phone, “Susie speaking,” and it no longer fit. So I went with the name on the birth certificate and set out to retrain everyone.

“It’s Susanne,'” I said over and over, until everyone made the switch and so it has been ever since.

Until I started my blog that is, and the cats decided to call me Sue. And in the words of Johnny Cash, “What could I do?”

“Isn’t that right boys?” I asked.

“Yes Sue,” said Tiger.

“That’s right Sue,” said Benji.

“But why?” I asked still puzzled myself.

“Maybe it’s easier for you to type,” said Tiger.

“Maybe it’s easier for us to say,” said Benji.

“Makes sense to me,” I replied.

~ Susanne (aka ‘Sue’), Tiger, and Benji.

Super Worm Moon Through the Trees

Strange name isn’t it? But that’s what tonight’s last full moon of winter is called.  It was a clear night so I went out to watch it while it was rising through the trees.

So there you have it.

The Super Worm Moon through the trees.

From my backyard.

~ Susanne

The Beautiful Rhododendron! Washington’s State Flower

We tend to take for granted what we have in abundance, and in Washington the rhododendron is abundant- not to mention hard to spell. 😉

And it brings back memories too.  Of traveling to grandma’s house and counting the rhodies we saw in the forest along highway 101 on Hood Canal.  It was a game to see who could find the most,  a clever trick my mom came up with to keep us kids occupied during the final stages of the long ride over.  The bright pink flowers of the large shrubs stood out against the dark green of the woods similar to the ones blooming in my front yard now.

You can find all colors in local gardens everywhere.

Lacy, frilly, feminine flowers yet an uncomplaining workhorse in the garden.

For  Sunday Stills photo challenge.

~ Susanne

To Oahu’s North Shore – Kualoa Ranch and Turtle Bay

Every visitor to Oahu needs to make the trek to the North Shore at least once. Most make it a day trip but this time we opted to spend four nights at Turtle Bay Resort so we could linger and enjoy all the North Shore has to offer!

So we said goodbye to Waikiki and headed across the Ko’olau Range via the beautiful Pali Highway, stopping by the lush Nuʻuanu Pali Overlook.

According to Wikipedia, “The Nuʻuanu Pali has been a vital pass from ancient times to the present because it is a low, traversable section of the Koʻolau mountain range that connects the leeward side of the mountains, Honolulu to the windward side, Kailua and Kāneʻohe.  The Nuʻuanu Pali was the site of the Battle of Nuʻuanu, one of the bloodiest battles in Hawaiian history, in which Kamehameha I conquered the island of Oʻahu, bringing it under his rule.”

The overcast and always windy overlook gave us views of the Ko’olau Cliffs, the highway below and the windward side of the island where we were headed.

Our first stop on the other side was at Kualoa Beach Park where the mountains meet the sea,

and you can see Mokoli’i island (aka ‘Chinaman’s Hat) offshore.

We stopped for lunch at Kualoa Ranch, a 4,000 acre private nature reserve and tourist destination, where many TV shows and movies have been filmed, including Jurassic Park which made the valley famous.

From there we continued on up the Kamehameha Highway and after a quick stop for shaved ice in Laie,

we arrived at Turtle Bay Resort which would be our home on the North Shore for the next five days.

We settled in, and had these views from our balcony

then had dinner by the pool and watched the sun go down.

It wouldn’t be the last time.

Stay tuned for more Hawaiian adventures!

~ Susanne

The Trouble with Benji

The little boy was everywhere this morning and being rather troublesome as only he can be.

He started out on my lap but when I got up he’d taken over the chair.

I reclaimed it but he pestered me by using it as a scratching post (we’re still working on that), and then shredded the small box of Kleenex nearby.

Cute yes, but we decided it was time for him to go outside and play.

He opted for a nap instead.

How he got up there I’ll never know.

That’s my Benji.

He always makes me laugh.

~ Susanne and Benji

It’s Leap Year – So Let’s Leap!

Happy February 29th!

~ Susanne

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