Moon Shots

I’m happy to have found another photo challenge,  this one from City Sonnet where today’s challenge is Moon.

~ Susanne

Cat Falling Asleep

Stage 1 – Oh no!  Tomorrow I have to go outside and fight the moles. What if I don’t win? Or worse yet,  what if I’m stuck inside because of rain or snow? I’ll go crazy if I have to stay in another day!

Stage 2 – Nah.  I always win.  And I like playing in the snow.  I’m worrying about nothing.  It’s going to be alright.

Stage 3 – purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Starring my favorite little feline, Benji, and prompted by Friday Foto Fun – Pets 

~ Susanne

Canadian Rocky Green and Blue

I think I’ll make up a new color since I can’t decide what it is. Aquamarine? Turquoise? Teal?  All I know is that I love, love, love the beautiful lakes of the Canadian Rockies.  And so for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge I give you Canadian Rocky Green and Blue in four lakes.

Lake Louise – Queen of the Rockies

I don’t know if there is a more beautiful lake in the Rockies than this one.

Unless it’s this one?

Lake Moraine  

Or this one?

Bow Lake

Or maybe this one?

Peyto Lake

These pictures came from our trip to the Canadian Rockies in August of 2016, but we’ve been up north to see these gems before.  Depending on the time of year, and the amount of snow and glacial silt in the water, the colors can change from shades of milky green and emerald to brilliant hues of purple and blue.

So these I am calling Canadian Rocky Green and Blue.  If you’re ever in the neighborhood, check them out.

~ Susanne

Memories at Snoqualmie Falls

The day before the snow arrived – it seems so long ago – we went to Snoqualmie Falls, one of our favorite local attractions.  The Falls are an easy drive from Seattle and a place to wow your out-of-town guests.  Or to celebrate a special event like I did with brunch when I graduated from college. Or to impress your date with a fancy dinner as Bob did me so many years ago.

We haven’t been back for dinner since that first date in 1982  – maybe we should work on that – but we have been back many times to take in the views of the Falls.

And sometimes to walk the trail to the bottom – but not this time.  Today we were content to view the Falls from above sprayed by the mist at the overlook.  Then continue our drive through the lovely farmland and small towns of Snoqualmie Valley.

We stopped in Duvall for lunch – brunch actually – and split a delicious plate of homemade biscuits and gravy, eggs and country potatoes. Afterwards we went to nearby Tolt MacDonald Park in Carnation,  a state park and campground that straddles the Snoqualmie River.  We love crossing the suspension bridge and admiring the views of the river.

I also love the trees on the grassy side of the park, where it seems to me they always have something to say.

This one foreboding.

These, kicking up their heels in dance.

After that it was a stop for dinner and pie; a wonderful winter’s day under mild temperatures and completely snow-free.

That would all end the next day.

~ Susanne

P.S.  And for those of you counting, yes, I have now posted 7 days in a row for the first – and possibly last 😉 – time!

On Blogging and the Snow

Yesterday I was notified by WordPress that I’m apparently on a roll having posted 5 days in a row.  I think my being cooped up here during Snowmageddon has something to do with it – which makes me wonder – what did those pioneers do all winter with no electricity, confined by the snow day after day ?? – but I digress.

Now don’t worry I don’t intend to post everyday from now on  – I can’t possibly do it – hats off to all who can!   But I figured since I already have five days in a row, why not live dangerously and go for a week?  🙂  So here’s number 6.

First of all, it’s still snowing  in the Great Northwest wearing out even the most enthusiastic snow-lovers among us. Over 20 inches so far in Seattle this month and more snow than we’ve had in 70 years, depending on which news outlet you believe and where they measure. Regardless, there’s been a LOT of snow!

And the cats are going stir-crazy.

This morning Benji was perched at the top of the stairs lamenting the weather in song and looking to me for answers.  I had none.

Tiger got tired of being harassed by his little brother and opted to try his luck outside this morning.

As for me, I’m missing my morning latte as it would be foolish to drive in the snow to get one. I’ll have to make do with regular coffee.

Supposedly it’s warming up and the snow will  turn to rain over the next few days. But who really knows? From where I sit, the snow is still falling and this is the view from my office window.

But that’s enough for day 6!  I’ll save something for day 7.

See you tomorrow!

~ Susanne

Hummingbirds in the Snow

Yesterday I went looking for ‘Red” for a photo challenge – I guess I could have waited and included these pictures from this morning too.

As you probably know by now we are in the midst of Snowmageddon here in the Pacific Northwest with snow continuing to accumulate after a week.  I’ve lived here my entire life and seen lots of snow over the years (and always welcomed it)  but it’s pretty rare to get this much (over a foot) and keep it for such a prolonged period of time.

Most of the nearby roads are passable so we’ve not been completely snow-bound. But I’ve mostly stayed inside the last week except for keeping the hummingbirds supplied in the backyard.  Every night I bring in their sugar-water and the next morning bring it out to them again.  I scatter old bread and peanuts for the larger birds but haven’t seen them around much.  I guess they know where to hide.  I also add hot water to the bird baths to provide water for a couple of hours before it freezes over again.

This burst of winter has been fun, but enough already.  The cats are going crazy in the house and Tiger’s getting the worst of it.  I’ll be happy when spring arrives!

~ Susanne

Looking for Red

The snow is beautiful but after days and days of cold and white I thought I’d go looking for Red,  in this week’s photo challenge from Travel with Intent.

I found it first in a pot of flowers, that brightened up Benji in the snow.

And I remembered the popsicle that surprised me last year on the streets of Seattle

and the little tugboat that guided our ship into Victoria.

Red – it cheers doesn’t it?  – and yes, it’s still snowing.

~ Susanne

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