Bison – Wild Symbol of the American West

Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where Bison – commonly called American Buffalo – have lived continuously since prehistoric times.

They once covered the Great Plains of North America in numbers estimated as high as 60 million, but were nearly driven to extinction by slaughter in the 19th Century. There are now close to 5,000 Bison living in Yellowstone National Park, one of the best reasons to visit.

The largest land-dwelling animal in North America, males weigh up to 2,000 pounds, females up to 1,100 pounds. Visitors must be alert at all times and keep a safe distance away as posted signs warn. Unfortunately many people are injured by the animals each year by approaching too closely. All of my pictures were taken safely from a distance, sometimes from inside my vehicle where I always gave them the right-of-way.

For Photo a Week Challenge.

~ Susanne

21 Comments on “Bison – Wild Symbol of the American West

  1. This is exactly what we saw visiting Yellowstone. I would like to visit again. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.

    • The landscape is spectacular but I think one of the best things about visiting Yellowstone is seeing those wonderful animals! Thanks so much for your comment. πŸ™‚

  2. Terrific photos! Yes, some people treat them as animals in a zoo…I love that we are trying to grow their numbers!

  3. Wouold love to see those majestic animals, Susanne.
    But it reminds me of the schoolboy joke. “What’s the difference between a Bison and a Buffalo?”
    “You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo”.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Now I know that you can’t wash your hands in a bison. I have known for years, thanks to Roger Miller, that You Can’t Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd. Love the photos, Susanne.

    • To understand Pete’s joke – which I’d never heard before – I had to say it out loud to finally get it.. And just now I had to look up the Miller song – how did I miss that one? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your comment! πŸ™‚

  5. Wow, such powerful and majestic animals to see! Yellowstone National Park looks like an incredible place to explore and take photographs! Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

  6. Yellowstone is on my bucket list, for sure! I would love to see some bison in person (from a very safe distance).

    • Yellowstone is my favorite National Park. I’ve been there several times and would still love to go back. The bison are wonderful to see and there’s no danger if you stay the recommended distance away.

  7. They are majestic critters Indeed. We have several small herds here in SW Colorado. The Southern Ute tribe has about 300.

  8. Loved visiting Yellowstone. Too bad some people don’t treat it or its occupants with the respect they deserve. I do like the buffalo rolling in the dirt. Maybe there was someone taking a selfie who got smushed underneath!

    • Yellowstone is a special place. Not only is the landscape phenomenal but it’s a wonderful wildlife habitat. I still don’t understand why people approach wild beasts for a picture with no fear, especially when there are warning signs everywhere! Fortunately, I dont believe this Bison smushed anyone, at least while I was watching! πŸ™‚

  9. Love that first picture- is that the Haden Plateau? The whole place was amazing, love Yellowstone

    • Thank you, if I remember correctly the first picture was taken in Hayden Valley and the others near the Firehole River. I love Yellowstone too! πŸ™‚

  10. I did not know that they had never left the area. Thanks for that bit of knowledge. I did see that a 71 year old woman got pummeled by one a few days ago while trying to take a picture. I can’t believe that is still happening in Yellowstone.

    • Yes I saw the news too. Why risk your life for a picture? People don’t seem to understand the danger even though there are signs posted everywhere.

      • Too many Disney movies I guess where the animals are all friendly and sing and dance.

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