Today’s Chickadees in the Garden

Before the hummingbirds won my heart the chickadees had it already. Tiny, cheerful, and talkative they call to one another while feasting among the evergreen trees.

Today as I sat with my camera – waiting for the hummingbirds to come and drink from freshly filled feeders – the chickadees caught my attention overhead.

‘Look at me-me-me’ they seemed to say so I did.

I’ll save the hummingbirds for another day.

~ Susanne

11 Comments on “Today’s Chickadees in the Garden

    • Ah yes, I know the film but never saw it though I quoted it in a Fields voice as a kid! 🙂 They are the sweetest little birds and I have lots of them in my backyard.

  1. We occasionally have a chickadee come to our feeders. I just love those little guys!!

  2. I love chickadees, they are one of the sound memory’s I carry with me from my visit to Ontario in the autumn of 2016

    • Aren’t they wonderful? They have such a distinctive song I always hear them before I see them. I’m happy that many call the trees in my backyard home.

  3. We have many of them in our cherry tree outside the kitchen window. They make their cheery songs frequently. I loved that you were able to catch images of them. Yours seem redder or browner than ours. I will have to check if there are two varieties.

    • We have two different varieties here in our backyard; the chestnut-backed chickadee and the black-capped chickadee. It looks like I only posted pictures of the chestnut-backed variety in this post which have the reddish brown hue.

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