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My Little Backyard Chickadees

In the heat of the day I turned on the stream and sat under the shade of the Douglas Firs. It wasn’t long before I heard the chickadees calling to one another, flying overhead, finally daring to stop by the precious flowing water. We…

A Northwest Hike to Franklin Falls

We don’t usually take the most popular hikes on a weekend when everyone else does – we’re lucky we don’t have to. But we took a chance today and headed to Denny Creek and Franklin Falls, an hour east of Seattle. We’re so glad…

Busy as a Bee

I walked in my garden today and stopped to watch the bees. Bees on a mission working together and apart, Taking no thought of the other. Bees on the lavender and bees on the chives, Buzzing from blossom to blossom there was room for…

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