Home Again Home Again

Jiggety Jig. From the Cruise, that is. Yes I’m happy to be home again with my feet firmly planted on the ground after our wonderful cruise to Alaska.  Benji and Tiger are also happy and welcomed us back with love and open paws, not to mention forgiveness for having left them for the week. Of course they were well cared for in our absence but they have assured me they much prefer my presence to not.  Benji, the most affectionate one, is insisting on being near me, beside me, or soft and snuggly on my lap since our return. Tiger is also looking for his share of love and assurance that I will never leave again. (At least anytime soon.)

Now, about that cruise!   l think I may have discovered the very best way to travel!  Okay, I also love flying, camping, road trips, bicycling, etc. but at least for now cruising has my vote.  Just check right into your floating home and leave the rest to them. Let them do the navigating while you take in new vistas minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day! Breathe in fresh marine air every morning as you walk on the Promenade Deck.  Three laps and you’ve walked a mile.  You’ll need that walk to work off all that wonderful food you are eating morning, noon and night.  But don’t walk too fast or you might miss the whales or the glaciers or the seals or the mountains or even the mountain goats as you make your way into Southeast Alaska.

I am still sorting through the best of the Alaska photos (I won’t tell you how many hundreds I took) and will bring them to you in my coming posts.  But for now, I leave with you the views from our ship as we departed Seattle and our first sunset cruise that evening.

More to come.  Stay tuned.

~ Susanne

Rainless in Seattle and the Orange Sun

As if it wasn’t enough to break the all time record for rain earlier this year (144 wet days, and almost 45 inches of rain between last October and April) we are now set to break the record for most days without measurable rain (51 days) tomorrow. To top it off, the uncharacteristically hot weather and the smoke from wildfires up north have made for vivid orange sunsets.

About an hour before the sun went down tonight it hovered low in the west looking like a blood orange.  I don’t know how to capture that kind of color; maybe some day I will.  In the meantime, I found the glow through the trees quite beautiful.

But I sure do miss the rain.

~ Susanne

Sunrise and Sunset on the Oregon Coast

I simply can’t let it go.  The Oregon Coast I mean.  Now that I’m home and unloading my pictures I see all that beauty again and so please bear with me, while I post a few more photos, this time focused on sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise first at Florence over the Siuslaw River, the only one I caught as I am not an early riser.  Maybe I should be.

Sunsets come more easily as they don’t require I get up at 5:30.  I’m actually looking forward to winter just so I can see the sun rise at a decent hour. An earlier sunset wouldn’t be bad either.

This rather mellow sunset was at Bandon.

And this one at Lincoln City.


And to all a good night.

~  Susanne