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I Saw the Blue Moon Rising

Okay so it wasn’t blue but that’s what they call it; the second full moon in a calendar month and all the more rare on Halloween. We had clear skies and no trick or treaters so I pulled out my camera to practice my… Continue Reading “I Saw the Blue Moon Rising”

Looking to the Sky – The Moon from my Backyard

I’ve always enjoyed looking at the night sky. These days that mostly means watching the moon rise over my backyard where the garden shed and trees sometimes obscure the views. The results can be mysterious. You may even see the eye of God wink… Continue Reading “Looking to the Sky – The Moon from my Backyard”

First Spring Sunset and Moonrise

Yesterday was the first day of spring and though I was anticipating the Super Worm Moon,  I was drawn to the sunset first. I still managed to capture a couple of pictures of the full moon later. ~ Susanne

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