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Bison – Wild Symbol of the American West

Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where Bison – commonly called American Buffalo – have lived continuously since prehistoric times. They once covered the Great Plains of North America in numbers estimated as high as 60 million, but were nearly driven… Continue Reading “Bison – Wild Symbol of the American West”

CFFC – Animals

I love animals and am always thrilled to see them in the wild. I saw this herd of Roosevelt Elk at Dosewallips State Park on the Olympic Peninsula. I watched from a safe distance while they were feeding and this handsome boy reminded me… Continue Reading “CFFC – Animals”

Buffalo, Hot Springs, and Geysers O My!

We just returned from Yellowstone National Park where we spent five days (our longest stint yet) on our fifth trip to the Park.  How shall I convey to you the magnificence of that place? Shall I start with its history?  And tell you it… Continue Reading “Buffalo, Hot Springs, and Geysers O My!”

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