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Yellowstone in Color

What can I say about Yellowstone National Park that hasn’t been said before? That I was thrilled to make another trip – our 7th, but who’s counting? – and it was the best yet! We were desperate to travel and a road trip to… Continue Reading “Yellowstone in Color”

Postcards from Yellowstone

We’ve been on an amazing road trip for the past week and I can’t resist sharing two of my favorite places in Yellowstone National Park with you! Grand Prismatic Spring Last time we were in Yellowstone we took a boardwalk to see the massive hot… Continue Reading “Postcards from Yellowstone”

More Wonders of Yellowstone

I hope I’m not boring you with my posts on Yellowstone National Park but this may be my most comprehensive tour yet!   First of all, did I tell you that Yellowstone sits in the caldera of an ancient supervolcano, and the same forces… Continue Reading “More Wonders of Yellowstone”

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