Yellowstone in Color

What can I say about Yellowstone National Park that hasn’t been said before? That I was thrilled to make another trip – our 7th, but who’s counting? – and it was the best yet!

We were desperate to travel and a road trip to our favorite national park seemed like the perfect covid-safe vacation. And because we’d been there before we could relax and not frantically try to see everything. Which is impossible to do by the way, since the park covers roughly 3,472 square miles and is bigger than Vermont and New Hampshire combined!

Each trip has been unique and each time I took more pictures than the time before – from less than 10 on our first trip in the ’80’s to 100 times more on our last one! Don’t worry, I won’t show them all to you. Instead, I’ll just share a few in Gold and Citrine for this week’s Sunday Stills Photo Challenge. I’ll throw in some blue for contrast, just like nature does.

First are the bison along the Firehole River,

with a certain fly fisherman nearby!

Next is the Upper Geyser Basin, where I woke early one morning to see steam rising from the largest concentration of geysers in the world! I didn’t make sunrise but I did catch some of the golden hour.

I also caught Old Faithful spouting off again. It never gets old.

Now, to the northwest corner of the park where the deer and the antelope play. (And seldom is heard a discouraging word if you know what I mean.)

We’ll drive through the Golden Gate Canyon – please keep your eyes on the road –

and end up at Mammoth Hot Springs, one of the world’s best protected examples of travertine-depositing hot springs. Other worldly, don’t you think?

Finally, I’ll close with one of the highlights of our trip – Grand Prismatic Spring! On our last trip to Yellowstone we saw it at ground level from the boardwalk. It was beautiful but mysterious, shrouded in steam, all ringed in gold.

Impressive, yes, but not like the pictures I’d seen.

Even back then I noticed some folks on a hill behind the spring and wondered how they got there. (Look closely and you’ll see them in the middle below.)

This time I found out! When we checked into the Snow Lodge the clerk told us – ‘you’ve got to take the hike from the Fairy Falls Trailhead to the Grand Prismatic Springs Overlook when the sun is overhead!’

So we did! And it was the view I’d hoped for!

The trail was developed in 2018 after many people forged their own way through the woods to see it from above. Can you blame them?

The colors were fabulous – the brilliant blue caused by sunlight being scattered by mineral particles in the water – the bright orange from heat-loving bacteria!

So I’ll pass the same advice on to you – if you ever visit Yellowstone National Park, please don’t miss one of the most dramatic features in the Park – Grand Prismatic Spring – from above!

I’ll stop for now on that high note, but there’ll be more to come. πŸ™‚

~ Susanne

24 Comments on “Yellowstone in Color

  1. I sure would like to go back! I’ve only been once and got through maybe half the park. When we return, I want to visit prismatic springs!

  2. Wow, Susanne! I’m enthralled! Forget about the color challenge, this is a travel how-to blog post for sure. Amazing shots of the geysers. It must feel great to be a “local” here after so many trips. This is a destination for our bucket list. I can’t get over that glacial blue surrounded by the orange, just stunning and otherworldly.

    Great minds (not mine) think alike…do you follow Donna from Wind Kisses? She just went to Yellowstone, too and posted for the color challenge.

    • Thanks so much! πŸ™‚ I think I could be a travel agent and just send people to Yellowstone! The colors are indeed fabulous and other worldly. And thanks for the link – I just visited Wind Kisses. Our last two trips have been in September and I agree that Autumn is the best time to visit! πŸ™‚

  3. Wonderful photos Susanne. There’s so much to see in that park. I missed the Grand Prismatic Springs overlook but definitely want to check that out if I visit again.

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