Happy Autumn Inside and Out

Cozy within and colorful without –

the autumnal equinox is officially here!

Happy autumn to you!

~ Susanne

30 Comments on “Happy Autumn Inside and Out

    • Thank you! Yes! There are a few gingkoes on a local trail I walk.. These are just starting to turn. I’ll go back to see them when they’re a brilliant yellow. 😊

  1. Your living room looks so cozy and inviting, especially with Tiger napping on the sofa! I have a ginkgo tree in front of my house and it does turn a very pretty yellow!

    • I think my living room looks like autumn and Tiger loves to sleep in front of the fire. And I love the ginkgoes when they turn yellow. 😊🍂

  2. We don’t need a fire just yet. The ‘Indian summer’ gave us 71 degrees in Beetley today, and blue skies.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I’m glad you’re finally enjoying some good weather. We don’t really need a fire either. Bob just loves to make one in the morning and it does provide a cozy ambience! 🙂

  3. I recognize the Gingko leaves – but what are the round red leaves in the photo fourth from the top? Must say your photography inspires me to try to capture some of the early fall Willamette Valley topics on a tablet that I’m still learning to use!

    • I don’t know for sure. It’s a landscape shrub growing along a public trail I walk along the Cedar River. But I think it may be a dwarf Burning Bush.

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  5. Oh my, the living room reminds of myhost living room, back in Spain. So similar vibe. ❤

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