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A Fall Walk with a RAW Twist

I took a walk at Coulon Park and despite the rain and milky sky, the fall colors couldn’t have been better. So what’s the twist? For the first time I shot the photos using the RAW image format. And no it was not my… Continue Reading “A Fall Walk with a RAW Twist”

Windshield Art and Shaved Ice

As I pulled out of my driveway I noticed the leaves on my windshield. Windshield art I thought. I stopped by the park at the end of my street where one of the tree tops was a symphony of color. Hawaiian shaved ice I… Continue Reading “Windshield Art and Shaved Ice”

The Fall Colors of Coulon

Fall is in full swing in the Pacific Northwest so I went to see the show at Coulon Park where the trees are alive with color.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing them too! Still sorting through my photos and will bring you my first… Continue Reading “The Fall Colors of Coulon”

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