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A Perfect Getaway to Sun Mountain Lodge

Earlier this month we took a trip to Sun Mountain Lodge via the scenic North Cascades Highway. The drive was wonderful providing views like this. It was gray and rainy on the west side but as we crossed over the mountains we entered into…

The Skagit

We went to the Skagit to see the eagles. But found the real attraction was the landscape. And the sunset over the river. ~ Susanne P.S.  The Skagit River lies a couple of hours north of Seattle and is part of the Wild &…

North Cascades Timed Right

October means fall and time to celebrate our anniversary.  We decide to head up to the North Cascades for a couple days while we have good weather before the big storm hits. Timing is everything. The first day we stop for lunch at a restaurant in the small town of Marblemount and enjoy the…

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