The Skagit

We went to the Skagit to see the eagles.

But found the real attraction was the landscape.

And the sunset over the river.

~ Susanne

P.S.ย  The Skagit River lies a couple of hours north of Seattle and is part of the Wild & Scenic River System. Bald eagles from British Columbia and Alaska migrate to the Skagit and other rivers of the Pacific Northwest in late fall, to feed on salmon carcasses, and remain until late January.

8 Comments on “The Skagit

  1. It has been many years since we lived in that area but remember it well. So beautiful and your pictures point that out….

  2. Nice shots, Susanne. Seeing eagles is something special, at least to me. No eagles in Beetley!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete! Yes, eagles are special. We see them around the lakes and rivers here and it’s always a treat. Sometimes they are thick around the Skagit but I think we may have been a bit late this year, so only saw a few. Still wonderful though!

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