Benji’s Rainy Day Blues

“Hey Benji,” I said.  “How about some fresh air?  Here, I’ll hold the door for you!”

The boy was wound up tight as a spring, bouncing off the walls and terrorizing his big brother.  It was time for a break.

He hesitated. “Are you kidding??  It’s raining cats and dogs out there!  Haha. Get it?”

“Cute Benji,  but you’re driving us all crazy!  You’ve been pent up inside too long and this is the only way I know to cool you down.”

And so with a little help, he scooted outside and there was peace in the house for the next ten minutes.  Until he was back at the door looking none too pleased.

“Come on Sue, you had your fun. Now let me in!”

“I don’t know Benji.  Are you ready to settle down?”

“Who me? Of course Sue!  Now come on, open up!”

He did look rather repentant sitting there, not to mention very cute.

“Okay, Benji, I’ll let you in, but you better be on your best behavior!”

And so I did.  And he was. In fact he curled right up on the sofa and after a quick bath, settled down for a nap.

Apparently the rain worked.

~  Susanne and Benji

6 Comments on “Benji’s Rainy Day Blues

    • Thanks Pete. I don’t blame him either. We had a lot of rain all week, and he gets a bit crazy after being cooped up too long in the house. Looks like we finally get a reprieve this weekend! 🙂

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