Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered Wupatki

Weathered pueblos where Anasazi  Indians lived almost 1000 years ago dot the landscape of Northern Arizona. The Anasazi are considered to be the ancient ancestors of today’s Pueblo Indians including the Hopi and the Zuni.

The largest pueblo in the area was Wupatki, which had over 100 rooms, a tower, and ball court.

It is believed that the Anasazi abandoned their ancient dwelling places by 1200 AD for reasons unknown.  Still, the pueblos endure and we enjoyed visiting them recently at Wupatki National Monument.


~ Susanne


14 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered Wupatki

  1. It would be amazing to discover why so many ancient civilisations apparently abandoned their societies, cities, and dwellings. Nice shots, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. I loved seeing these beautiful structures out on the high desert plains of Arizona. The mystery remains as to why they were abandoned!

    • Thanks John. It remains a mystery. They believe they moved on, but don’t know why. I’m amazed they could even survive in such a dry area, although they said there was a spring nearby that has since dried up. Maybe water was a factor? The region is filled with abandoned pueblos and other types of cliff dwellings.

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