A Perfect Getaway to Sun Mountain Lodge

Earlier this month we took a trip to Sun Mountain Lodge via the scenic North Cascades Highway. The drive was wonderful providing views like this.

It was gray and rainy on the west side but as we crossed over the mountains we entered into a realm where rain is in short supply and the sun always shines.

We passed through the tiny town of Winthrop, restored to an old west theme and fun for shopping.

Then it was on to the Lodge where we spent the next couple of days off the grid – no TV and spotty cell service – surrounded by views like these – a fair tradeoff.

While Bob went fly fishing I had the day to myself to relax by the pool,

and wander the grounds taking pictures of the flowers

and the bees working them.

There were many trails to explore and I ventured onto one of them but not very far,

because of this.

I guess no travel is without its risks, right?

At night there was dinner with a view and sunsets over the mountains,

a perfect getaway.

~ Susanne

16 Comments on “A Perfect Getaway to Sun Mountain Lodge

  1. We used to bring some of those huge pine cones home from Eastern Oregon and paint them. Thanks for the view of the Northern Cascades. We never went there though we did enjoy Mt. Hood a great deal, winter and summer.

    • We brought a big one home too! I love Washington but next month we’re planning to visit Oregon for more Northwest beauty.

  2. I could really do with a break just like that at the moment, Susanne.
    I might want to skip fighting a bear though! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Gorgeous valley and mountain pictures. Those yellow flowers sure brightened up the landscape also. Love seeing and reading your travels and pictures. Anne W.

  4. Wow, gorgeous! You have me longing to be in the North Cascades right now (though I pretty much feel that way everyday in the summertime!). And that’s the best poolside view I’ve ever seen.

  5. I like that area a lot. Used to go cross country skiing in the Methow Valley and Sun Mountain had a good number of fun ski trails. Plus the bears are asleep in winter!

    • I’m not a skier but I bet it’s beautiful in the snow. And better indeed when the bears are sleeping! 😊

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