A Walk at Seward Park

There’s nothing better than summertime in Seattle, and no better place for an evening walk than Seward Park,

especially when the Mountain is out.

~ Susanne

11 Comments on “A Walk at Seward Park

  1. With the mountain in the background, it really does look breathtaking, Susanne. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Pete, the mountain is 14,000 ft, so it’s shrouded in clouds A LOT…when it’s out like this, it’s magical!

      • True! Some people come to visit and lament never seeing at all! Or finally seeing it on their way to the airport as they are about to leave town! 😁 Timing is everything!

  2. Pinned this on my travel board, terrific photos and nothing beats the shot of the mountain when it’s out!

  3. So pretty! At least it’s only clouds shrouding the mountain…looking east from Fresno every now and then you can see mountains, but they are hidden by smog most of the time!

    • There’s nothing like seeing Mt. Rainier behind any landscape, but it’s always extra beautiful over Lake Washington! The last couple of years we’ve had terrible wildfire smoke from Eastern Washington and Canada that covered much of our landscape. Thankfully none so far this year!

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