A Look Back at Benji and the Fair

The State Fair in Puyallup is up and running this year albeit with safety precautions in place – masks worn inside and out. We went on a rainy day last week and it was a different experience, but the same in many ways.

We bought scones with too much jam and they were still delicious –

just no waiting in line.

There were rides running and we were not on them – as usual.

We split up for a while so Bob could visit the hobbies he liked while I visited my favorite spots and took pictures with my phone.

And there were animals – including piglets – just like other years – but no cats.

Which is as it should be, as I explained to Benji when he once asked to come along.  

Benji and the Fair

“Please Sue can I come too?”

“Sorry Benji no.  The fair is for people.”

“Really Sue?  No animals allowed at all?”

“Well, not exactly – there are lots of animals there.”

“Just no cats.”

“None?” he persisted.

“Well sometimes there are cats but they’re in cages.”

“Are you making this up?” he asked.

“No really Benji.  Some cats let little girls put them in cages for all to see.”

“I wouldn’t like that Sue.”

“I know you wouldn’t Benji. And you wouldn’t like the noise either. Or the food.”

“Or people flying around.”

“Okay, okay Sue.  You had me at cats in cages.  You just go ahead and I’ll stay here and hold down the fort.”

And that is what we did.

Maybe next year.

~ Susanne

12 Comments on “A Look Back at Benji and the Fair

  1. Benji looks adorable asking to go to the fair! It’s good you talked him out of it, though.

  2. A deep fried Snickers seems to me to be to be an extortionate price, not to say unhealthy to eat. Benji made the right decision to stay at home.
    best wishes, Pete.

    • I usually avoid the craziest fair food but I admit I once tried a deep fried twinkie. Unfortunately it didn’t deliver on taste and I’ve not been tempted since! πŸ˜„

  3. Trust me Benji, you are safer at home. It is funny how fairs seem to fry everything. I will pass on the deep fried alligator. Although at Disney years ago, my hubby at an alligator dip.

    • Benji was definitely happier at home! As far as the strange food goes, I don’t think I’d try alligator either! I did try a deep fried twinkie once thinking it would be gooey and delicious but I was sorely disappointed! That was the end of my exotic fair food! πŸ˜‰

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