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A Look Back at Benji and the Fair

The State Fair in Puyallup is up and running this year albeit with safety precautions in place – masks worn inside and out. We went on a rainy day last week and it was a different experience, but the same in many ways. We… Continue Reading “A Look Back at Benji and the Fair”

A Strange New Fall and a Skinny Fair

It seems that by the time summer finally arrives in the Pacific Northwest it’s already on its way out. And while I always welcome fall, this year will hardly be typical. Back to school? Learning will start online, something not dreamed of when this… Continue Reading “A Strange New Fall and a Skinny Fair”

Benji and the Fair

Yesterday we headed south to Puyallup for our annual visit to the Washington State Fair,  but not before this happened. “Please Sue can I come too?” “Sorry Benji no.  The fair is for people.” “Really Sue?  No animals allowed at all?” “Well, not exactly… Continue Reading “Benji and the Fair”

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