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The Unintended Consequences of Staying at Home

Yesterday I went to the grocery store – early in the day and wearing a mask and rubber gloves  – and spent a whopping $400 – the most ever at a single time.  That should hold me over for a couple of weeks.  I…

Making Face Masks with Help From Benji

Last Sunday I made my first face mask to wear to the grocery store.  I made it quickly by hand without a pattern, and it worked okay. Since then we’ve all been encouraged to wear them in public so I decided to make a…

Life During a Pandemic – A River Walk and Facetime with Mom

Yesterday we walked along the Cedar River Trail. There were a handful of others with the same idea and we all kept our distance, even the ducks. The willow trees were beautiful and weeping once more The cherry trees (or plum – I can’t…

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