Life During a Pandemic – A River Walk and Facetime with Mom

Yesterday we walked along the Cedar River Trail.

There were a handful of others with the same idea and we all kept our distance,

even the ducks.

The willow trees were beautiful and weeping once more

The cherry trees (or plum – I can’t tell them apart) were fragrant in bloom,

but the flowering current had the best shades of pink.

It was all wonderful, but there was more to come.

For after our walk we stopped by my mom’s apartment, where she has been in lockdown the last three weeks, with limited opportunity to even leave her room.

Through it all she has remained cheerful and upbeat – at 90 she has seen it all.

That’s my beautiful mom.

~ Susanne

18 Comments on “Life During a Pandemic – A River Walk and Facetime with Mom

  1. Thanks for sharing – the key is to practice social distancing as you note – and yes, Mom says she is getting used to having food delivered directly to her room! Like Royalty!

    • Yes, she continues to remain positive and is a great example! It was fun to visit through the window! πŸ™‚

  2. That was very heartwarming to see your mom in person, if through glass. It has been fun to navigate the 6 foot distance on walks. We seem to figure out who steps aside and where to wait for the other to pass.

    • Yes, the river walk was easy as there were few people out. Even so I gave a lot of room for passing. And I was so happy to see mom’s face even if 3 stories up! Loved her smile!

      • Is that an assisted living place? Is everyone well there? It has been hitting those places very hard here.

      • Yes, it has apartments with both assisted and independent living. My mom is independent but even so, all community spaces are off limits and residents must stay in their room, except for planned exercise. Fortunately no one in her place has tested positive for the virus. But other places have not been so lucky. You may recall the many deaths in a nursing care facility in the Seattle area early in the pandemic. It’s frightening.

      • No here most of the places have cases. They are sending the healthy ones to other places and trying to congregate the sick ones. Terrible situation.

      • Oh no!. Sorry to hear it. So far mom’s place has been wonderful and they are very strict in following the guidelines.

  3. Well done to your mum. She looks much younger than her age! Nice photos, but that sign shoud not say ‘groups of 10’. That is far too many, and still very likely to spread the virus.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thank you! I agree mom looks closer to 80! As far as the sign goes, I think legally here it’s no more than groups of 10. But you never see that. Most people on the trail were alone or with one other person, and many of course with their dogs.

  4. Thanks for sharing the flowering trees, pink currant blossoms, and your beautiful Mom!

  5. It was so fun to see your mom looking out her window talking to you! She looks very sweet. I’m glad she is handling the lockdown well. πŸ₯°

  6. Thanks for sharing, Susanne! Isn’t it nice to finally see bursts of colours everywhere? They certainly brighten up the day. Have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

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