Making Face Masks with Help From Benji

Last Sunday I made my first face mask to wear to the grocery store.  I made it quickly by hand without a pattern, and it worked okay.

Since then we’ve all been encouraged to wear them in public so I decided to make a few more, for me, my mom, and Bob. This time I would be more thoughtful about it, add an additional layer of fabric, and use the sewing machine.  By the time I was working on mom’s I was starting to get the hang of it.

Then Benji showed up to help.

Don’t let that innocent look fool you.  The boy’s a wild man.

So I tried to distract him with some thread

which worked for a while –

until it went the way of all small objects and ended up under the stove.

Still it gave me time to finish up mom’s face mask – the best one so far.  Three layers of fabric instead of two.  A few tucks and gathers for better coverage and fit.

By the way – I’ve been meaning to ask – does this face mask make me look fat?

Just kidding. Don’t answer that. 🙂

~ Susanne and Benji

23 Comments on “Making Face Masks with Help From Benji

  1. Those turned out really good! And I love the pictures of Benji. Cats SO want to be a part of all of our projects don’t they? And they are the best little “helpers” 😻

    • Aw thanks so much! I thought they turned out okay considering I didn’t use a pattern. And honestly when Benji showed up I just had to laugh and enjoy it! He’s definitely my helper! 😻

  2. Susanne, nice job! I was lucky on the need for masks. Hubby had some painting masks in the garage. However, Maggie for sure and Iggy maybe would have been happy to be my sewing assistants in emptying a bit of fabric from my stash. Delightful post!

    • Aw thanks so much! I’m glad you have some on hand. I like to sew so it was fun putting these together!! And it’s always better with a feline helper! 😻

  3. Alex fashioned me an “elimiDATE” facemark using a bandana from the show…I can tell you this: I WOULDN’T HAVE SERVED ME if I was a cashier…we do not plan to leave the house for the next two weeks. We are ready to help “flatten the curve” by “sheltering at home” – talk about new phrases that will be part of our lives forever!

    • I remember elimiDATE but I don’t remember what an elimiDATE facemask is! But I’m sure you rocked it!

      I just returned from grocery shopping wearing one of my latest masks and rubber gloves and spent the most I have EVER spent at one time. All good stuff that will keep so it should hold me over for the next two weeks while we quarantine, stay at home, shelter in place and flatten the curve!

  4. I love the first picture of him with the bag. That wild look they get in their eyes when they attack something plastic is so funny! 😀

  5. I remember cats and yarn when trying to knit back when I had cats. I can see Benji would love the pursuit of yarn too.

    • Definitely! He likes anything remotely dangly or string-like including cords, elastic, thread, yarn, rope, necklaces, the list is endless! Even when taking pictures I have to remember the camera straps are hanging down and I may be attacked at any moment!

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