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The Unintended Consequences of Staying at Home

Yesterday I went to the grocery store – early in the day and wearing a mask and rubber gloves  – and spent a whopping $400 – the most ever at a single time.  That should hold me over for a couple of weeks.  I… Continue Reading “The Unintended Consequences of Staying at Home”

A Conversation with Benji in Quarantine

“When’s it gonna end, Sue?” “What’s that Benji?” “This confinement. It’s getting on my nerves.” “It’s only been a week Benji.  Besides. You’re not in quarantine.” “But you are Sue. And it feels longer in cat years.” “I suppose it does Benji. But it… Continue Reading “A Conversation with Benji in Quarantine”

I traded in perfection for humility

Not exactly on purpose.  It comes with age I think. Take yesterday for instance.  My birthday and happy news about Benji making it into the iCatCare Calendar – I the proud mom and photographer.  So I did a quick celebratory post. Why not? Then… Continue Reading “I traded in perfection for humility”

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