I traded in perfection for humility

Not exactly on purpose.  It comes with age I think.

Take yesterday for instance.  My birthday and happy news about Benji making it into the iCatCare Calendar – I the proud mom and photographer.  So I did a quick celebratory post. Why not?

Then later I thought I’d share it to Facebook too. Only I hit the wrong button and reblogged it ( since deleted.)

So some of you likely got another email about the post which perhaps led you astray.  Sorry about that.

During my working days I was a perfectionist – too much so I realize looking back.

So I seem to be letting that go.  Again, not quite on purpose.

But it’s a fair exchange I think.  For a little humility.

~  Susanne

10 Comments on “I traded in perfection for humility

  1. Happy belated Birthday 🍰Susanne and a big congrats 🎉for making a Benji Photo towards a calendar print in iCatcare. That’s pretty exciting news and I just want to say thanks for sharing; you have warmed my heart many times with your blog and photos of Benji, Tiger and all your adventures. 💕

  2. I got the second notification, but guessed it was an error.
    Mind you, there is nothing wrong with double celebrating getting on a cat calendar! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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