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Hindsight is Always 2020 – A look Back

We started 2020 in the Pacific Northwest lamenting the rain and planning an escape to where the sun always shines. For us that was Oahu and the timing in February was perfect – a month later would be too late. In early March we… Continue Reading “Hindsight is Always 2020 – A look Back”

After Yellowstone and a Trip Downtown

Back from vacation for a week now and I’m still trying to get into the groove.  It’s a slow go.  I’m plowing through pictures I took in that most beautiful National Park and enjoying them too but honestly, what shall I do with all… Continue Reading “After Yellowstone and a Trip Downtown”

Gray skies and post vacation doldrums..

Is it the jet lag, time change or bad weather?  Usually I’m ready for home after vacation, this time not so much.  I had gotten used to slow mornings, lazy days, and beach walks.  Sunshine, palm trees, and playing in ocean waves. Good bye Maui and welcome back to… Continue Reading “Gray skies and post vacation doldrums..”

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