Gray skies and post vacation doldrums..

Is it the jet lag, time change or bad weather?  Usually, I’m ready for home after vacation, this time not so much.  I had gotten used to slow mornings, lazy days, and beach walks.  Sunshine, palm trees, and playing in ocean waves. Goodbye Maui and welcome back to the Pacific Northwest where we are cold and wet and trying hard to break free from winter.  (February was the second rainiest on record in Seattle and we haven’t seen this much snowfall in years.)

Today the sun made an appearance through the cloud cover, and I stepped outside for fresh air and to survey the garden.  There is much to be done.  Still, I found miniature daffodils in bloom, their brilliant yellow heralding spring to come.

I also found two boys more bonded than when we left almost two weeks ago, sharing their backyard kingdom and at peace with one another.

This makes me happy.  They know it does.

~  Susanne

5 Comments on “Gray skies and post vacation doldrums..

  1. Congratulations to all of you, on the occasion of amity between Tiger and Benji! I’m guessing Grandma’s encouragement helped.

    I’m jealous that you have daffodils BLOOMING (they’re beautiful!), when our crocuses have yet to give even a hint of any intent to emerge! And it was sunny and in the 50s today!

    • Yes I was pleased with the daffodils and the boys as well! They really seemed to be enjoying each others company today. And I’m so happy spring is on its way!

  2. That’s the trouble with great holidays. You have to come home!
    Your absence seems to have made the cats turn to each other for comfort, so that’s a really positive thing.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • True. We don’t usually vacation during the winter so that makes it extra hard to come back! But at least spring is around the corner. And I’m really happy to see Tiger and Benji getting along so well now… they must have stuck together in our absence.. 🙂 thanks, Susanne

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