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More Daffodils – I couldn’t resist

Back by popular demand, I couldn’t resist posting a few more pictures of the wonderful daffodils of the Skagit Valley.  And why not?  I found row, upon row of the happy yellow flowers next to dirt roads meant for walking, at Roozengarden. For Cee’s…

A Road Trip and Daffodils

There’s nothing better than a road trip and after a long winter we were overdue. So we headed north to Bellingham, my old college town near the Canadian border, and one of our favorite places. The drive was wonderful, especially as we stopped by…

Gray skies and post vacation doldrums..

Is it the jet lag, time change or bad weather?  Usually I’m ready for home after vacation, this time not so much.  I had gotten used to slow mornings, lazy days, and beach walks.  Sunshine, palm trees, and playing in ocean waves. Good bye Maui and welcome back to…

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