Let’s Celebrate Daffodils!

I didn’t make it up to the Skagit Valley this year for peak daffodil season, but I do have many pictures to share from previous years! No law against that, right?

Aren’t they beautiful?

Yes, but I don’t feel comfortable going up this year, after I learned workers went on strike last week, due to low wages and unsatisfactory working conditions.

I hope it all gets resolved fairly; we depend on and value our agricultural workers!

Next month the tulips will take over the Skagit Valley. Hopefully the Tulip Festival can go on in a peaceful way, unhindered.

~ Susanne

40 Comments on “Let’s Celebrate Daffodils!

  1. Beautiful photos! I’ve never been a fan of unions, people today misuse them to try and get more pay than what the job demands and the corruption. Years ago, the employees at my family’s business we’re talking about unionizing. My dad told them go ahead, the doors will be locked on Monday and you’ll be out of a job. They never became part of a union.

    • Certainly, not all demands are valid. But I think we tend to take advantage of our agricultural workers. Low wages, difficult working conditions. From what I read in the paper, their demands seemed reasonable to me, especially the health and safety related ones; gloves and ointment provided as they often have injuries from cutting the flowers.

  2. It doesn’t matter when you took the photos. They are still delightful to see, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Gorgeous, Susanne! I hope the strike can be resolved soon before the daffies go away. We visited Daffodil Hill years ago in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Depending on snow, drought, and spring conditions, you were really never sure when to visit. Good thing you went last year. Another place I need to check out here in my new home state.

    • Sounds wonderful!! The Skagit Valley is amazing, with March daffodils and April tulips! You will love it! I think the Tulip Festival will go on regardless, but I hope all the issues are resolved before then.

  4. They are beautiful – more so in person, i imagine. I’d avoid a strike zone, too.

    • They are fabulous! But I’d feel uncomfortable being there with striking workers. Hopefully they will come to terms soon.

  5. Beautiful. Lots of memories from there. Sad to here if the strike. And yes, always celebrate daffodils and spring

  6. Daffodils are so lovely and so “happy making” just to look at. I enjoyed these gorgeous photos so much esp. as my own daffies felt the brunt of the last two Willamette Valley (Oregon) “weather events” and got flattened and basically shredded. About unions. I get the controversies. But I had a wonderful experience with a union that went to bat for me in an unpleasant (state agency) employment situation despite the fact that I was not an actual union member, though those of us working for the state agency still were required to pay the union dues anyway. I’d resisted membership, always been too worried about strikes and ending up without sufficient income for any length of time, saw too much of that back in my family’s Boeing days! But the union reps went way beyond the usual in helping me prevail in an ageism issue for which I’ll always be grateful.

    • Thanks for your comment. I have held jobs that required union membership and always had a good experience. I think they still have a place for giving workers a voice especially with big employers. I’m not sure whether the agriculture workers are actually union members or just wanting to be heard. But I just read that the strike has been suspended while negotiations are in progress. So that’s positive.

  7. Oh wow, amazing to see so many daffodils growing together like this 😮 But I agree with your decision not to visit this year; we have to support campaigns for fair wages and conditions.

    • Thank you! The daffodil fields are indeed wonderful and next month’s tulips will be even more dazzling! The Tulip Festival is the bigger event and runs the month of April. I was happy to read in yesterday’s paper that the strike has been paused and bargaining underway. So hopefully all parties will be satisfied and the Tulip Festival can go on unhindered, and I hope to attend! 😊🌷🌷

  8. Since we are still getting nights in the 20’s, I am getting even grumpier!! Seriously thanks for sharing these wonderful displays.

    • Sorry about your never-ending winter! But it’s hard to be grumpy looking at a field full of daffodils. I’m glad you enjoyed them. 😊

  9. Beautiful! We need to make it up that way sometime to check out those lovely blooms!

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