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The Unexpected Joy of Getting Outside

It’s true isn’t?  There’s nothing like getting outside to give you a fresh perspective and yes, even fill you with joy!  We chose to do just that before the next snow was expected to arrive, walking the lakeshore trail at Coulon Park, where there…

The Eagles and the E Bike

Remember the sunflowers I found last week in Sequim? Well the reason we made the three hour drive was to look at an E Bike. ‘What’s an E bike?’ I hear you ask. Exactly what I said. It’s a bike with a battery that…

A Competition Between the Blue Heron and the Bald Eagle – at Coulon Park

Every visit to Coulon Park is wonderful but there is always something new! Today’s weather was perfect for walking and the brilliant blue skies were reflected in the waters of Lake Washington. Sailboats were lined up as usual and ready to go. Turtles were…

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