Back with the Eagles of the Skagit Valley

On our trip to the Skagit Valley last week, in addition to the thousands of swans and snow geese, we saw dozens of bald eagles – in the farmlands, in the trees and in the skies.

They come from northern Canada and Alaska to winter in Washington, drawn by the salmon in the Skagit River. I’ve seen them there before, but not in great numbers. Perhaps my timing was wrong. But this year I headed west, where the river flows into Puget Sound, and found dozens in the valley and farmlands near Bow, the most I’ve ever seen in one place.

What more can I say? It was fabulous.

You can find more about the birds of winter in the Skagit Valley, here.

~ Susanne

26 Comments on “Back with the Eagles of the Skagit Valley

  1. Great photos as always! I love the eagles flying together. I wonder if they mate for life.

  2. How wonderful. I am hoping to get organized this fall to watch the hawks migrate through here. That is supposed to be magnificent.

  3. Oh my goodness, what an eagle bonanza, Susanne! And just look at all the various generations of them. I bet you are over the moon! The two flying are marvelous!

  4. Oustanding Eagle photos, Susanne! That longer lens camera is proving to be a wise investment.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. Fantastic eagle shots, especially that opener! And how wonderful to catch them in flight like that 😮🦅

  6. Lovely. I’ve been to Skagit Valley a few times, and have only ever seen the snow geese. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pics!

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