Eagle-Eyed in Port Townsend

On our recent trip to the Olympic Peninsula, I was treated to many eagle sightings, including in Port Townsend, the most charming of the port towns in Washington.

Eagles or not, Port Townsend is fun to visit any time of year, with its waterfront and Victorian architecture. Weather’s good too. Sitting in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, it receives only 19 inches of rain a year compared to Seattle’s 34.

After lunch, I grabbed my camera and walked around town, ending up on the waterfront.

I saw the gulls perched high above, as if on guard duty.

And then I heard their cries and knew why. Do you see it?

Look there on the piling.

While the gulls took turns diving as to drive him off, the eagle couldn’t be bothered to even look up.

While he stayed put despite the noise around him, I stood and watched the show, the eagle sighting once again, the highlight of my day.

That’s all for now.

~ Susanne

32 Comments on “Eagle-Eyed in Port Townsend

  1. What a treasure! You have a fabulous eye! Look at that bird. Extraordinary. Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs, C

    • Thanks so much, John! 😊 It was such a treat to see that bald eagle, especially as he was content to hang around while I took pictures.

  2. Thanks for the tour of Port Townsend. I have a treasured memory of staying in a b&b there years ago. We had planned to stay only one night but found the town so charming, we lingered a second day. Your images brought it all back.

  3. Great photos Susanne, and on the old ferry dock if I’m not mistaken. I’m surprised that’s still standing, but a good spot for the birds!

  4. I very much liked your photos of the pilings. You are really skilled at capturing the pearlescence from that fleeting combination of clouds, water, and light at certain times of the day.

  5. Superb Eagle photos, Susanne.
    I think I would prefer 19 inches of rain to 34 too. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  6. Great shots of the majestic eagle. I love Port Townsend and have visited a couple of times.

  7. We loved our brief overnight stay in Port Townsend but weren’t treated to any eagles there – lucky you! And fantastic zoomed in shots of him 😯

    • Isn’t it a charming town? I guess I got lucky.. I was able to watch the eagle a long time as he turned this way and that. 😊

  8. Gorgeous shots all around, Susanne! Your eagle images are stunning! They are such regal birds, but appear to be snobbish as they survey their kingdom 😉

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