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Three Port Towns – Two Days!

Yes, it can be done!  Quite easily in fact if you live in Seattle.  We were looking for a quick getaway and decided on Port Townsend,  a charming Victorian seaport on the Olympic Peninsula. We headed north to Edmonds to take the ferry to… Continue Reading “Three Port Towns – Two Days!”

A Journey to Olympic National Park

It’s one of my favorite national parks and why not? It has everything:  glacier capped mountains, pristine lakes and rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, wild remote beaches, and the largest track of preserved old growth forest in the Pacific Northwest. Time it right and you… Continue Reading “A Journey to Olympic National Park”

Scenes from a ferry ride to the Olympics

It was a perfect day for a ferry ride. The mountains were out and glowing, Dinner in Port Townsend was perfect at sunset. Another day in the Pacific Northwest. ~  Susanne

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