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Thousands of Snow Birds in the Skagit Valley!

Have you ever visited the Skagit Valley during the winter to see the snowbirds? We did last week and discovered thousands of swans (trumpeter and tundra though I’m hard pressed to tell the difference) and snow geese, much easier to identify with the black… Continue Reading “Thousands of Snow Birds in the Skagit Valley!”

Surprise Visitors at Coulon Park – Snowbirds!

This week at Coulon Park I found two visitors among the Canada Geese. I believe they’re Snow Geese, perhaps blown off course while heading south for the winter. Or maybe they decided to relocate to Renton where temperatures are (relatively) mild year-round. I’d never… Continue Reading “Surprise Visitors at Coulon Park – Snowbirds!”

Snowbirds of the Skagit Valley

Last week I visited the daffodil fields of the Skagit Valley and got to see the snowbirds too! Thousands of snowbirds including snow geese from Russia’s Wrangel Island and trumpeter swans from Canada and Alaska migrate south along the Pacific Flyway to spend the… Continue Reading “Snowbirds of the Skagit Valley”

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