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Surprised by Salmon on the Green River

We were so happy to have rainfall in the Pacific Northwest this weekend and healthy air once again so we celebrated with a walk at Kanasket-Palmer State Park. Through the woods and down to the Green River we went, enjoying the wet and colorful… Continue Reading “Surprised by Salmon on the Green River”

Social Distancing on the Green River

During these times of social distancing I’m thankful to have access to so many beautiful places nearby; and as long as we are allowed to visit our state and national parks we will continue to do so. So yesterday we drove south to Kanaskat-Palmer… Continue Reading “Social Distancing on the Green River”

Kanaskat-Palmer and the Green River

It’s camping season and sorry to say we are fresh out of campers. We sold our last one a year ago thinking we were done with hauling our sleeping quarters into the woods of the Pacific Northwest, and all over the country for that… Continue Reading “Kanaskat-Palmer and the Green River”

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