I’m Singing and Hiking in the Rain!

After 51 days straight without any measurable precipitation we finally had rain in Seattle, and I said bring it on!

To celebrate this first rainy day of summer we went for a hike in the woods at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, with a smile on our face and a happy refrain!

So for this week’s Sunday Stills challenge I’m sharing our hike with a sound track of ‘Singin’ in the Rain.’ The lyrics, written by Arthur Freed, were immortalized in the movie classic of the same name. The iconic scene with Gene Kelly joyously singing and dancing in the rain remains a favorite of mine since childhood.

“I’m singin’ in the rain

just singin’ in the rain,

what a glorious feeling

I’m happy again!”

Arthur Freed

Our walk ‘down the lane’ was fresh and green, the full fragrance of the forest released by the rain, after being pent up by weeks of drought.

“Let the stormy clouds chase everyone from the place

Come on with the rain I’ve a smile on my face.”

Arthur Freed

And so it was that at the end of that magnificent walk in the woods we had the Green River all to ourselves.

And while we enjoyed a few days of rain it has no intention of staying around – temperatures will climb into the nineties by the end of the week. Still we have the memories, as well as the certainty that by November the rain will return bringing many opportunities for more singing and hiking in the rain. πŸ™‚

~ Susanne

47 Comments on “I’m Singing and Hiking in the Rain!

    • Ha! That’s the myth we locals like to perpetuate. πŸ™‚ We only get around 33 inches a year, far less than many other big cities. Our summers are pretty dry, and increasingly so. We do have a lot of gray and rainy days spread out from November to April, and that’s where we get our reputation.

  1. Funny to read John’s comment, Susanne! We are getting rain right now as I type this at 5:00 pm! Talk about summer rain in Washington! The smoke is gone, my windows are open, letting in the 67-degree fresh air, and my new car is parked in the new garage NOT getting wet! I bet you had a great time walking in the rain and the song is so perfect. Your images are amazing, everything is SO GREEN and lush. Love the delicate raindrops–quite gorgeous and perfectly captured. I dread the next hot week, but I see the overnight temps are dropping consistently in the 50s. Soon we’ll be crying for heat before we know it πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Terri. That hike along the Green River is special and I loved walking it under a light rain with literally no one else on the trail.

      We have a love-hate relationship with the rain here. It can drive you crazy during the long winter months but if we don’t have it for a week or so I really miss it! I was SO happy to finally get some after 51 days though it wasn’t nearly enough. But come November I’ll be longing for bright sunny days again! 🌞

  2. Lovely photos! I am not a fan of rain, live in Seattle area as well, and yesterday’s pouring was fun to watch from underneath my umbrella as a read a book.

    I won’t let the rain stop me from being outside. Hahaha.


    • Thanks so much for your comment! It’s nice to hear from another Seattleite! I like the rain most of the time and miss it if it stays away too long. But the heavy rain and darkness during the long winter months definitely gets old.

  3. The rain where I was in Seattle was a very light drizzle. I continued my weeding and was hardly wet at all.

  4. A lovely walk in some lush and verdant countryside indeed. If it dries up as predicted, you need to get on a plane and fly to Beetley, if you really want to walk singing in the rain. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete! It has cleared up too soon here but I’ll just wait till November when I expect we’ll have plenty of rain to sing in!. 😁

  5. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and they go well with your song choice. We’ve had such a dry summer here in the Canadian prairies and we finally had a short thunder shower in the middle of the night last night. The SMELL was amazing but alas it was no where near what we really needed. Bernie

    • Thanks so much for your comment. There’s been so much drought all over the west we are becoming desperate for rain. We didn’t get much here either but I was happy for the little we got. And I agree with you that the smell of the rain is amazing!

  6. If I’d known you wanted some rain I could have sent you some πŸ˜† We’ve had a horribly wet few weeks here in the UK, not like summer at all! I love all the greens in your photos and the match with the song is perfect, including chasing everyone away so that you had the Green River all to yourselves!

    • Thanks so much! I’d heard from Pete in Beetley that summer had gone missing and was replaced by a deluge! I agree that rain is best in moderation! I hope you get some sunshine soon.😊 Here, we’re bracing for another heatwave!

      • Good luck with that. And I can report a glimpse of the sun here in London today, after torrential rain yesterday evening πŸŒ§β˜€

  7. I love that song..and your images. Isn’t the relief of rain after a long time gone, just the best? Loved viewing your green being refreshed by the water, too. Denyse #sundaystills

    • Thanks for your comment! This tied our second longest recorded streak without rain. It was so good to get some even if it wasn’t a lot. Hope you get some soon where you are!

  8. For those who have never been to the Pacific Northwest, it is one of themes magical places on earth…sure there’s rain, but that’s why you get all of this natural beauty!

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  11. Great choices. I live in SW Washington, but last weekend we were up in the San Juans. Loved it. We haven’t gotten much rain down here though, just a sprinkle. It rained one night and part of the day the Saturday we were up in the San Juans, but it didn’t keep us from getting outside.

    • Thanks! I love the San Juans but haven’t been there in quite a while.. That little bit of rain was all we’ve had so far this summer! I’m longing for more!

  12. These photos are beautiful! I just love a good hike after the rain. Everything feels so fresh and awake. Great post!

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