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Hurricane Ridge – A look at the Olympic Mountains

I’ve showed you many pictures from our various travels in Olympic National Park – the forests – the lakes and the rugged beaches – all are wonderful. But I haven’t showed you much of Hurricane Ridge even though it’s probably the most visited place… Continue Reading “Hurricane Ridge – A look at the Olympic Mountains”

A Wow Hike on the Flanks of Mt. Rainier

Of all the hikes I’ve done on Mt. Rainier – and there have been many I’m a local after all – this was the best – the Golden Gate and Skyline Trails on the flanks of the mountain! It was a perfect day for… Continue Reading “A Wow Hike on the Flanks of Mt. Rainier”

I’m Singing and Hiking in the Rain!

After 51 days straight without any measurable precipitation we finally had rain in Seattle, and I said bring it on! To celebrate this first rainy day of summer we went for a hike in the woods at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, with a smile on… Continue Reading “I’m Singing and Hiking in the Rain!”

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