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Bird Condos for Rent – Excavation Continues

Chickadees continue to move into cavities in the snag and I welcome them. In the meantime, excavation continues thanks to the Northern Flicker. Click on pictures in the gallery below to enlarge them. The rapid rat-a-tat-tat of the pecking resounds throughout the neighborhood, while… Continue Reading “Bird Condos for Rent – Excavation Continues”

Happy Home in the Snag!

I was SO thrilled to see a chestnut-backed chickadee building a nest in the snag we left standing for this very purpose! The cavity is under the highest bare branch near the top of the tree. This mama was singing while busily preparing the… Continue Reading “Happy Home in the Snag!”

The Snag and the Owl

Among the evergreen trees surrounding our home is a Western Hemlock that appeared to be dying.  We asked an arborist to come and remove it and he was willing to take it down, but encouraged us to leave a ‘snag’ for wildlife. If we… Continue Reading “The Snag and the Owl”

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