Atmospheric Rivers Above and Below!

You may have heard by now that the Pacific Northwest has been visited by an atmospheric river, also known as the Pineapple Express. Long narrow bands of water transported from the tropics in the atmosphere has meant lots of rain the last couple of weeks resulting in swollen rivers and flooding.

Earlier this week we had a short reprieve from the rain and went for a walk at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park where all was green though slightly barren as winter is approaching.

The Green River was flowing fast and furious

but these kayakers didn’t seem to mind.

This stretch of river is rated Class IV and dangerous anytime of year; only experts should try it.

We were content to watch.

~ Susanne

19 Comments on “Atmospheric Rivers Above and Below!

  1. It’s a sad way to get out of the drought, Susanne. We got 5 inches of snow overnight here in Nine Mile Falls. The sun is out and it’s melting fast! Amazing footage of the kayakers and gorgeous photos. It looks so green!

    • Thanks so much Terri! Some areas were hit hard, and really suffered from the flooding. Fortunately it was not bad where we live, except for the incessant rain. Fun to see snow so early in the season, especially when it leaves in a hurry too! We enjoyed our little hike in the woods and were so surprised when the kayakers went by.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love all the green! I’m with you, I’m content to just watch the kayakers! In fact knowing me, I’d probably be afraid to look! 🤣

  3. Some good came from the weather conditions, if only for the people in the kayaks.
    (I definitely would not be trying that)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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