Summer’s Last Hurrah – at the Washington State Fair

We spent the last day of summer at the fair – the one we used to call Puyallup – under sunshine, blue skies and temperatures climbing into the 80’s.

Rides, food, and entertainers – we enjoyed them all – without masks and without worries – just like the old days.

I walked the fairgrounds where so many memories resided – I’ve been attending the fair since I was a kid.

I used to love the rollercoaster – an old wooden, classic, with a slow, steep climb and a huge drop, where you scream as loud as you can. I rode the swings once too – though not these that climb high into the sky first.

This time we rode wild horses round and round, and I chose the prettiest to sit on, with Bob next to me (his idea to ride.)

Low risk and pretty traditional I suppose, as were my food choices. No deep fried anything. (I tried deep-fried twinkies once and was disappointed. Why chance it again?)

Instead, I chose an onion burger and washed it down with a dole whip float.

Both were good choices.

New to us this year was the music of Simon and Garfunkel, performed by these two – Forever Simon and Garfunkel . They played all the classics and played them well, including this one.

A week later summer is reluctant to go, and we are still in the 80’s.

But summer temperatures will soon be a memory, too.

Fall’s promise is here and life goes on.

~ Susanne

17 Comments on “Summer’s Last Hurrah – at the Washington State Fair

    • We always love going to the fair and were happy to see it running again in full swing. And I love Simon & Garfunkel. Lovely in Hebrew, too! Thanks for sharing that!

  1. I love fairs like those, but never go on the fast rides as they make me feel ill. I would love to have walked around your State Fair, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks, Pete. I used to love rollercoasters, especially this one, but didn’t like spinning rides. This time I just enjoyed the atmosphere, entertainers, and of course the food!

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