My Little Nuthatch

I love all the birds that call my garden home including this little charmer – the red breasted nuthatch.

I often hear his energetic ‘ank-ank-ank,’ before I see him in the branches of the Douglas Fir tree above, looking for insects,

or walking down its trunk, headfirst.

When the coast is clear he drops to the stream below, where he may find a chickadee has beat him to it; there’s room for both.

And if not, there’s always the birdbath.

The red breasted nuthatch is just 4.5 inches long, a sturdy tree-climber that lives in north woods and western mountains. And lucky for me, in my yard, year-round.

Sharing with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Birds

~ Susanne

12 Comments on “My Little Nuthatch

  1. It is fun to watch nuthatches, or any other species, trying to forage for food. I enjoyed these photos very much.

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