Benji and the Fair

Yesterday we headed south to Puyallup for our annual visit to the Washington State Fair,  but not before this happened.

“Please Sue can I come too?”

“Sorry Benji no.  The fair is for people.”

“Really Sue?  No animals allowed at all?”

“Well, not exactly – there are lots of animals there.”

“Just no cats.”

“None?” he persisted.

“Well sometimes there are cats but they’re in cages.”

“Are you making this up?” he asked.

“No really Benji.  Some cats let little girls put them in cages for all to see.”

“I wouldn’t like that Sue.”

“I know you wouldn’t Benji. And you wouldn’t like the noise either. Or the food.”

“Or people flying around.”

“Okay, okay Sue.  I get it!  You just go ahead and I’ll stay here and hold down the fort.”


And that is what we did.

~ Susanne

9 Comments on “Benji and the Fair

  1. Cute dialogue with Benji. He’s such a beautiful cat. 🙂 Love the photo of the piglets. ❤

    • Thanks so much. Benji is fun and he really did want to go with us yesterday! And I loved seeing those new baby piglets! 🙂

  2. I hope they brought you a sausage grinder ( no onions, of course).

  3. I love the piglets photo! And Benji does know how to do that forlorn look. Hmm…this gives me an idea for another adventure🤔

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