A Photo a Week Challenge: Clematis Three Ways

I planted this clematis in my garden many years ago and it’s been happily climbing ever since – up the fence, around neighboring shrubs, and over everything in its path.  It doesn’t ask for fertilizer or any special care, just a place to spread out and display its glory.

Here it is three ways – from far and near and different times of day.

For this week’s  Photo a Week Challenge Three of a Kind.

~ Susanne

14 Comments on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Clematis Three Ways

  1. We used to have a lovely one in our yard. Now we have a thriving honeysuckle which flourishes on the fence.

  2. Lovely – I am drawn into the soft hues of the day you took the photos. The colors of the blossoms often look exceptional against vivid blue skies – the softness you captured is very beautiful.

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