Morning Tour of the May Garden

I woke early to find the sun rising in the garden.

It shined on the garden beds anchored by the clematis which is still the star of the show.

Other plants are waking up too like this old fashioned fragrant rose.

The strawberry bed is full to overflowing as Benji points out here.  In a month or so we should have some for eating.

Next to the strawberry bed is the picnic table that Bob built last month  –  solid and made of Doug Fir – we’ll be eating here soon!

Opposite the garden beds is the stream  – more of Bob’s handiwork.

I turned it on and enjoyed the beauty and sound of its flowing. Benji joined me to freshen up,

alert to the squirrel activity overhead.

The old bike nearby is being swallowed up in green, more of Bob’s artistic touch.

You might say these ferns are too.  No, he didn’t plant them but he asks me to please let them be. They spring up every year, tall and gangly and I remove the most offensive ones.  Still, the new growth is interesting and beautiful in its own way.

The fence is up along the back and we like it.  Sweet woodruff surrounds the birdbath and the feeders are for the hummingbirds who visit daily.

In the middle of the hummingbird garden is my favorite azalea. Don’t you love the color?  It finally opened this morning releasing its sweet honeysuckle fragrance.

On the other side a thimbleberry anchors the corner. My sister gave me this native and it’s spreading nicely just where I need it to. Soon enough red berries will appear for me and the birds.  The candytuft in front makes a nice contrast.  You never know for sure what will work, but this did and I am pleased.

Well that’s enough for now.  But before I go,  here’s a lovely finch to serenade you with birdsong.

Did you hear it?

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my garden!  🙂

~ Susanne

15 Comments on “Morning Tour of the May Garden

  1. It is looking so good in that small space. Your garden puts mine to shame, Susanne.
    And Bob’s handyman skills do the same… 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thank you! Yes, indeed Benji loves it! So does Tiger but he didn’t make it into today’s story. 🙂

  2. We are just entering spring after a record dark and rainy April. I loved seeing more of your yard. I forgot all about thimbleberries. I used to love finding and eating them on my walks.

  3. You have a nice garden going there, and spring is clearly springing.

  4. Your yard is beautiful! Love the pictures!

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