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Secrets of the Green River Gorge

Yesterday while the weather was dry, we went to explore the Green River, taking the short but steep and hidden trail, down into the gorge. The river beckoned through the trees, and we stopped to enjoy its beautiful color and turbulent flowing water. And… Continue Reading “Secrets of the Green River Gorge”

Surprised by Snow

I’ve wanted to drop by the SquareOdds challenge before it’s over but I’ve been hard pressed to find anything odd! But after our mostly balmy weather the last few weeks during which time I accomplished a bit of spring gardening, it seemed odd to… Continue Reading “Surprised by Snow”

The Odd Bird

It’s just an expression – like odd duck – odd ball – odd man out – but it seems to suit February, certainly an odd month! For starters, I can’t ever remember how many days it has! “Thirty days has September, April, June and… Continue Reading “The Odd Bird”

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