Secrets of the Green River Gorge

Yesterday while the weather was dry, we went to explore the Green River, taking the short but steep and hidden trail, down into the gorge.

The river beckoned through the trees,

and we stopped to enjoy its beautiful color and turbulent flowing water.

And then I noticed the American flag flying from the boulders in the middle, and found it odd, don’t you?

After our stop, we headed back and intersected another trail that led us to a cliff, with the best views of the waterfalls on the other side.

Notice the stairs over the falls. Does it seem odd to you? It might have to me if I hadn’t seen them before.

In fact, I took those rickety stairs down to the bottom of the gorge, one summer day a couple years ago.

The views below were fabulous,

and we saw young people swimming under the falls. (Look closely and you may see them.)

We didn’t swim, but we did walk on the smooth boulders, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the river.

A friend of mine told me she jumped off that very cliff where I stood yesterday, into the river, back in the lazy summer days of her youth.

Perhaps braver than I would have been, but I’ll never really know. I’m not going to start now.

Sharing my square odd pictures with SquareOdds.

~ Susanne

42 Comments on “Secrets of the Green River Gorge

  1. No jumping off cliffs for me, but like you, I would enjoy those views.
    The flag in the boulders is strange, I agree. But Americans do seem to have something of a fetish for flags.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • It would have been fun to swim under the waterfalls, but I think I’d have taken the stairs for that, not the high dive! As far as the flag goes, it just seemed so odd to find it in the river!

  2. What a beautiful place for a walk! I can almost hear the sounds of the river and the falls as I look at your shots πŸ™‚

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    • So glad you enjoyed it! The Green River Gorge is definitely not very accessible. But there are nearby parks on the river that are. In case you’re ever in the neighborhood! 😊

  4. I had no realized that the Green River was actually that luscious color. As you know, I had only associated it with that murderer. A terrible burden to place on a lovely stretch of water.

    • Yes, it’s a bummer that the name brings to mind a mass murderer! I worked for King County Police during the period when they were trying to find the killer. This beautiful section of the river is much closer to its source in the mountains, not where some of the earliest victims were found. The Green River is gorgeous, and we often visit the parks nearby, including the Gorge.

      • I didn’t know that about your job. I am glad you have reclaimed your associations with the blameless river.

      • It was my first job out of college as an accountant, and my office was next door to the ‘bullpen’ where the detectives sat. They’d just formed the Task Force. I lived in North Seattle at the time so really didn’t know where the Green River was. Now that I live south of Seattle, I visit the beautiful river frequently! And yes, a new association has been formed!

  5. These pictures make me feel at peace just by looking at them! The placement of the steps is quite odd but I can’t even imagine how marvellous the view from there would be

    • Thanks for your comment! The Green River is so beautiful, and the Gorge is something special. The stairs do look odd, don’t they? But they did come in handy for getting to the bottom during the summer. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh wow, that rickety staircase looks like something Panda would run down and be lost by the time Foster caught up with him!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£I know I would be too scared to dive into the water, and probably to climb down the stairs too!

    • The stairs could certainly use some renovation! But I’m glad I took them down as it was really cool in the Gorge! Diving off the cliff is a bit beyond me though!

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